Announcing Sighthound Video 7.0 BETA

We are pleased to announce the first BETA release of Sighthound Video 7.0. This release includes a major rewrite of the video pre-processing pipeline of Sighthound VIdeo.

You can download the beta by logging into your Sighthound account.

This BETA will have two phases:

Phase 1 (starting today) focuses on dramatically improved performance:

  • H.264 decompression uses hardware acceleration when available:

    • via DirectX Video Acceleration or CUDA on Windows.

    • via Video Toolbox on macOS.

  • Video pre-processing runs ~10-20% faster on modern Intel CPU’s.

  • Video pre-processing support for Nvidia GPU’s.

  • Video pre-processing runs ~50% faster on Nvidia GPU’s.

Phase 2 (starting in September) focuses on dramatically improved connectivity:

  • Users will have new options that no longer require firewall holes to be open for remote access.

  • Users will be able to sign into their systems via the web, iOS and Android apps either via their server IP address/username/password or via their Sighthound account login.

  • In addition to WebHooks, we are adding support for rules to publish MQTT messages as actions.

Phase 2 will also include additional computer vision performance improvements on Intel and Nvidia.

Sighthound Video 7

In parallel, we are starting work on Sighthound Video 7.5, which will feature a completely new web, iOS, and Android user interface.

Sighthound Video 7.5

If you have an older computer (5+ years old), the BETA performance improvements may slow down your system. You can disable the new enhancements in Tools -> options as shown below:



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