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Sighthound ALPR+

  • ALPR, aka Automated License Plate Recognition, is the process of finding and capturing license plate information. ALPR software is responsible for finding any/all license plates in a scene and performing recognition on each to collect real-time information, often to identify a vehicle. For organizations like police departments, city governments, and vehicle-related industries, ALPR technology can provide information and insights that help communities and optimize processes.

  • Mostly businesses. ALPR capabilities are important to various organization for unique reasons, but no matter what a specific business needs, key considerations of software selection always includes:

    • Price

    • Speed

    • Accuracy

    • Geographies covered

    • Image requirements

    • Derived data points

  • The following industries use ALPR software for a variety of use cases:

    • Automated Parking

    • Traffic enforcement

    • Tollbooth

    • Access control

    • Law Enforcement

    • Consumer Safety

    • Insurance

  • ALPR+ is Sighthound’s license plate recognition system. Offered at a competitive price with additional data points collected with every image, organizations can quickly and accurately collect vehicle and license plate information from a single solution.

    Sighthound ALPR+ stands out from other ALPR solutions in more ways than an extra symbol. So what does the “plus” mean? It comes down to four words: Make, Model, Color, and Generation (MMCG for short). Standard ALPR software will collect information on just the license plate. MMCG capabilities mean more data points are collected per license plate–and that increases the confidence rate in vehicle identification.

  • Can be deployed on:

    • Linux (preferred)

    • Windows

    • Mac

  • Following are some hardware recommendations for running Sighthound’s ALPR+:

    • CPU: Intel i7, i9, or Xeon (9th generation or newer). Optimized for Intel but can work with AMD as well.

    • RAM: 16GB+

    • HD: any (SSD recommended) with sufficient capacity to store your videos

    • GPU: NVIDIA GPU w/ 4GB+ RAM (not required, but recommended for improved performance)

    Some of the above-mentioned hardware specs are recommended but not required. The better the hardware, the better the ALPR+ performance.

  • Although Sighthound’s ALPR+ can work with any resolution, it is generally recommended to use at least 1080p resolution or higher for best performance.

    For license plate detection and recognition, we recommend at least 75 pixels-per-foot (ppf). However, the recognition will work with as low as 50 ppf.

  • Sighthound does not provide vehicle owner information against the vehicle data.

  • Sighthound’s ALPR is responsible for processing images or videos and does not provide location information.

  • Our motto is: “If a human can look at an image or a frame and read the license plate, so will Sighthound’s ALPR+”.

    Accuracy is dependent on several factors (distance/size of the license plate, camera to license plate angle, lighting conditions, occlusion, etc.) so it can vary given the scenario. We are however confident that it can achieve above 90% accuracy in almost all scenarios.

  • For images, it can work with: png, bmp, gif, jp2, jpeg, jpg, png

    For videos, it can work with:

    • Containers - MP4, TS, AVI, MKV, MOV, and MPG

    • Video - h264, mpeg-4, VP8, VP9, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, msvideo1

  • Yes, it can be integrated into a VMS. Our technical team is available to discuss several options for integration license plate recognition or other Sighthound computer vision solutions like objection detection and redaction.

  • Yes. Sighthound ALPR+ offers a comprehensive SDK and tier 1 support for developers to build custom workflows and integrate redaction into their own applications.

  • contact usWith small business and enterprise offerings, Sighthound can create affordable pricing plans that match your budget and the volume of videos that need license plate recognition. Your plan can also be customized to tailor just the vehicle information you need. To explore plan options, contact us for a custom quote.

  • Better product, better people, and better price. We have a team of problem solvers and computer vision experts that want to understand your business need and develop a solution that realizes optimal outcomes.

  • Sighthound ALPR+ is an API that can be deployed in a variety of environments, including, but not limited to a Docker-based service or iOS SDK.

  • You can email or call +1-407-974-5694, and one of our team members will be happy to help.

  • Our ALPR+ experts are ready to help. Simply, schedule a meeting here, join the meeting and we will show you all the great features and benefits.

  • Sighthound’s ALPR can find, recognize and track vehicles and license plates in videos.

  • We are always here to help and most answers can be found in our Documentation. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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Sighthound Hardware

  • Sighthound Cameras are specifically designed for outdoor surveillance and parking lot applications, offering a rugged IP67-rated design that can withstand harsh environments. With customizable lens options, they provide excellent coverage and deliver high-quality images. Sighthound Cameras can be easily mounted on parking lot light poles, at entry points of parking lots or garages, and in other strategic locations. Their advanced features include license plate recognition, vehicle, and people detection, counting, and tracking, enabling enhanced security, efficient space management, and improved traffic management.

  • Yes! With the Sighthound Node, you can transform your existing non-smart network camera into an intelligent device. Sighthound Node integrates seamlessly with your deployed camera by processing the RTSP stream in real-time and providing real-time results at the edge.

    This allows you to enhance your existing camera infrastructure and gain valuable insights without the need for costly camera replacements.

  • Yes! Sighthound Cameras are built on Nvidia modules and run a Linux-based software stack with the capability to run dockerized containers. This allows you to deploy and run your software directly on the camera.

    You can leverage the real-time stream provided by the onboard lens to capture and process data in real-time. This opens up possibilities for a wide range of applications, such as real-time event detection, object tracking, and custom analytics.

  • Our hardware solutions are built with ease of integration in mind, allowing for seamless deployment and minimal disruption to your operations.

    The devices support standard network protocols and are compatible with the most common, if not all, network infrastructures. They can be easily connected to your network and integrated into your existing system. Our devices offer remote management capabilities, enabling you to conveniently configure and monitor them from a centralized location.

  • Sighthound Hardware utilizes the power of edge computing by processing data and running AI algorithms directly on the devices themselves, at the edge of your network. This significantly minimizes latency, improves responsiveness, and reduces reliance on constant network connectivity. With Sighthound Hardware, you can make critical decisions in real-time, ensure continuity of operations even in unreliable network conditions, and effectively manage and analyze your visual data without overwhelming your network infrastructure.

  • An onboard AI processor empowers the camera to independently analyze and interpret visual data, providing faster, more efficient, and secure AI capabilities right at the edge.

  • When it comes to camera installation, the recommended angles depend on the specific data you want to capture and the level of zoom in use. To ensure comprehensive coverage, it's generally advised to position the camera for full-frame capture, ensuring that the entire object of interest is within the frame. It's also important to leave sufficient space around the object to account for any variations in positioning away from the expected path of travel.

    For License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Make, Model, Color, and Gender (MMCG) applications, we recommend mounting the camera at a higher position, facing downward at an angle of approximately 30 to 45 degrees. This angle allows the camera to capture a clear view of the front or rear license plates as vehicles pass underneath.

    It's important to avoid extreme angles as they can impact image quality and lead to distortion. By maintaining a reasonable angle, you ensure that the captured footage remains clear and accurate.

    To achieve optimal results, we encourage testing and adjustment after the initial camera placement. By reviewing the captured footage, you can verify that the objects of interest are clearly visible and that the camera is effectively capturing the desired data.

  • Sighthound partners with Theia Technologies for our lenses which includes a long-range lens option. The long-range lens provides enhanced zoom capabilities for capturing distant objects with clarity.

  • The field of view (FOV) of our cameras can vary based on the zoom and focus settings. With our lens and sensor combination, our cameras offer a maximum FOV of up to 110° horizontally, providing a wide coverage area. At the minimum zoom level, the FOV is 43°, allowing for more focused monitoring.

    Vertically, our cameras offer a FOV ranging from 71° at the widest angle to 29° when zoomed in, ensuring comprehensive visibility of the monitored area.

  • Our cameras are designed to be powered through PoE+ with support for IEEE 802.3at standard. This means they can be powered and connected using a single Ethernet cable, simplifying the installation process. Most standard network injectors or PoE switches can provide the required power for our cameras.

  • Sighthound Cameras are specifically designed for outdoor environments, making them an excellent choice for parking lot deployments. Their rugged IP67 rating ensures protection against dust and water, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions.

    They are versatile and can be conveniently mounted at common installation points such as parking lot light poles, the entry of parking lots or garages, and other strategic locations.

    They are equipped with advanced heat-resistant technology, allowing them to operate reliably even in high-temperature environments.

  • Sighthound Camera offers versatile mounting options to suit your needs. It is equipped with 1/4”-20 screw taps on the bottom, allowing you to mount it securely using standard camera mounting hardware. This gives you the flexibility to choose the optimal location and angle for your camera installation.

    In addition, Sighthound provides a Pelco Hub Plate, available on request, specifically designed for traffic pole installations.

  • Our devices provide you with the flexibility to customize network settings to fit your specific requirements. Assigning a static IP to your Sighthound Camera or Sighthound Node is a straightforward process. You can easily configure DNS, IPv4, NTP, subnet mask, and other network parameters to ensure seamless integration into your network infrastructure.

  • An AI node device, such as Sighthound Node, is a compact and robust hardware solution designed to bring AI capabilities to existing camera systems. It connects to your network cameras and processes the video streams in real time, enabling AI-based analysis and insights at the edge.

    The AI node device utilizes advanced algorithms and deep learning models to detect, track, and classify objects or events of interest within the video feed. It leverages the computing power of the device itself to perform these AI tasks locally, without the need for external servers or cloud processing.

  • Sighthound Hardware refers to our lineup of powerful edge AI devices, including cameras and nodes, designed to bring AI capabilities to the edge of your network. By deploying Sighthound Hardware, you can benefit from real-time decision-making, improve operational efficiency, enhance security, and gain valuable insights from visual data, all while reducing reliance on bulky servers and optimizing network bandwidth.

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