Our Technology

Sighthound offers two kinds of products: Packaged Products built for anyone (including companies that integrate and rebrand them into their own solutions), and Developer Products, built for large companies (and startups) that want to build new computer vision products quickly and cost-effectively.

We previously designed and built one of the most scalable telecommunications and speech recognition platforms in the world - a platform so good that Cisco bought it, and, our previous company, to update the foundation of one of its most important SaaS offerings.

We’ve used that experience to build the Sighthound products below. If you’d like, we can put our experience to work to build a custom solution for you as well.

Our Technology Values

Over 25 years (and four successful companies) we’ve thought a great deal about how we want our products and technology to work. From that experience we concluded that all of our software should be built with these five technology attributes:

1. Easy
- to download and install.
- to use and manage.
- to upgrade and support.

2. Protecting
- your data.
- your privacy.
- your systems.

3. Insightful
- with searching.
- with alerting.
- with deep learning.

4. Connecting
- services including Zapier, Dropbox, and YouTube.
- enterprise systems including Active Directory and Splunk.
- standards including AMQP, REST, RTSP, HLS/DASH, and DFML.

5. Data-driven
- by the collected wants and needs of our customers.
- by the collected data we use to train our deep neural networks.
- by the dataflow programming model at the core of our technology.