Sighthound ALPR

Ridiculously Accurate
Automatic License Plate Recognition - processing over 1 billion images per year.

Detect, recognize and search vehicle license plates, make, model, and color. Works with live cameras and pre-recorded video or images. You can try it now:

Looking for the most versatile ALPR?
You’ve found it.


Complete Vehicle Analytics

Recognizes nearly 10,000
unique vehicle makes, models and colors.

robust vision.png

Unmatched Camera Support

Support for low-lighting, near infrared (IR cameras), wide -angled cameras (multiple lanes),
acute-angled cameras (up to 90 degrees),
shadows and occlusion.


Deploy in ANY Environment

Designed to work on edge, premise, or cloud servers and is available as software,
Sighthound-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS),
or turnkey hardware + software solutions.


Works Worldwide

Detect and recognize plates from over one hundred countries, states, and territories.

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Sighthound ALPR Benefits

  • Simplified, flexible pricing matches your requirements better

  • Free version allows up to five users and one week of data retention

  • Optimize CapEx & OpEx with flexible deployment and subscription options

  • Universally compatible hardware requirements for any IP Camera

  • Multiple-lane license plate and vehicle analysis

  • Flexibility in camera placement, height and angle

  • Cameras can be either mobile or fixed

  • Accommodates broad range of lighting conditions

Robust ALPR + Vehicle Analytics

The Sighthound suite of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software, services, and solutions is built on its 10-year heritage of innovative computer vision products. Sighthound ALPR automatically recognizes license plates from over one hundred countries, states, and territories. An easy to use web portal provides the sophisticated license plate detection, alert, and search capabilities required to monitor a network of cameras based on time and location.

Sighthound ALPR Pricing

Annually Monthly


Free Free

forever, no strings attached
  • One camera
  • 7 day video retention
  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 1000 daily detections & alerts
  • No available API or integrations


$30 $25

per camera per month per camera per month paid annually
  • Up to 100 cameras
  • 90 day video retention
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited detections & alerts
  • Zapier & webhook support


Custom Custom

contact sales for pricing
  • Unlimited cameras
  • Unlimited video retention
  • Unlimited users + LDAP SSO
  • Unlimited detections & alerts
  • Full API + Custom integrations & UI

Common Use Cases


Smart Cities

Powering smart cities with complete computer vision capabilities in one deeply-learned platform.



Intelligent visual search to stored video files and live feeds. Use the SDK’s person, vehicle, LPR and other capabilities for BOLO, parking enforcement and amber alerts.



Power your tolls for safety, accuracy, and revenue growth by integrating Sighthound IO platform into your current platform.



Parktek is a growing business segment in need of better technology. Optimize your lots and eliminate lost revenue through ticketless systems.


Gated Entry

Leverage extremely accurate LPR and vehicle recognition to facilitate entry authentication.



Power your OOH advertising or location demographics with a complete suite of LPR, vehicle, and people segmentation to bring the power of digital analytics and demographics data to the real world.

Deployment Environments

Sighthound ALPR is available for deployment in the cloud, on-premise, or within edge devices including in-vehicle cameras and digital signage.

On Premise

On Premise



Edge Devices

Edge Devices

Windows OS

Windows OS

Linux OS

Linux OS


Speed & Accuracy Benchmarks

Industry-leading benchmarks supported by world-class support.





Vision Capabilities

  • Accuracy based on Caltech Car Dataset

  • Up to 160 FPS performance on GPU

  • Real-time performance on CPU

  • License plate detection

  • License plate character recognition

  • License plate region recognition

  • Vehicle make, model, color