Sighthound ALPR+

Automatic License Plate Recognition with all the features & benefits you expect. Plus more.

ALPR Vision Capabilities + Vehicle Insights

Detect, track, count, and classify
vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, people, bicycles, and license plates throughout a video

License plate recognition by region
(state, country, province, territory), by holistically reading the plate content

Vehicle make, model, color, and generation
at any camera angle and independent from license plate data

Common Use Cases


Parking is a growing and lucrative industry. Leverage technology to optimize lots to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Electric Vehicles

Improve efficiencies and create revenue opportunities with vehicle detection and Electric Vehicle (EV) recognition on the edge.

Gated Entry

Leverage extremely accurate LPR and vehicle recognition to facilitate entry authentication and track movements.

Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Recognize vehicles down to the model to perform services quickly or read plates to identify owners.



Empower your customer acquisition and retention strategy with data analytics built on LPR, vehicle, and people segmentation.

Retail & QSR

Retail and Quick Service Restaurants

The pandemic has moved retail and restaurants fully into the vehicle space, now let’s make it better more efficient with real-time data.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Powering smart cities with complete computer vision capabilities in one deeply-learned platform.



Intelligent visual search to stored video files and live feeds. Use the SDK’s person, vehicle, LPR and other capabilities for BOLO, parking enforcement and amber alerts.



Power your tolls for safety, accuracy, and revenue growth by integrating Sighthound IO platform into your current platform.

Leading Benchmarks

Backed by our Generation 6 AI and processing over 1 billion images a year, Sighthound ALPR+ delivers the highest accuracy and lowest latency available today.


Accuracy based on Caltech Car Dataset


Up to 160 FPS on GPU, Real-time performance on CPU

Deployment Environments

Sighthound ALPR+ is available for deployment in the cloud, on-premise, or within edge devices including in-vehicle cameras and digital signage.

On Premise



Edge Devices

Linux OS

Frequently Asked Questions

For more frequently asked questions about ALPR+ and other Sighthound solutions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • For license plates, it provides:

    • License plate detection

    • License plate recognition (alphanumeric strings)

    • License plate region recognition (US states, Canadian provinces/territories, and European Union countries)

    For vehicles, it provides:

    • Vehicle detection

    • Vehicle recognition (make, model, and generation)

    • Vehicle color recognition

  • Yes. Sighthound’s software does not need the license plate to be visible for determining vehicle information. Using our vehicle detection technology coupled with Make, Model, Color, and Generation (MMCG) recognition capability, we can provide details about the vehicle even if the license plate is not present.

  • For vehicle recognition, our models are trained for cars sold in the US, Canada, and EU markets. For license plate recognition, our models can read any alphanumeric plate no matter what part of the world the plate is found in.

  • Although Sighthound’s ALPR+ can work with almost any IP camera, it is recommended that the appropriate camera be used given the use case. For example, most IP cameras should work fine with an access control use case since the speed of vehicles is relatively low. However, a specialized LPR camera is recommended when dealing with fast-moving vehicles (i.e. highways).

  • The Sighthound team is ready to answer any questions you may have but also make sure you are setup for success with installation. Find more installation support information on our Knowledge Base. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please Contact Us directly.