Sighthound Video

Smart Video Camera DVR Software for PC and Mac - With Over 800,000 Downloads.

Enable almost any standards-based security camera to see people, vehicles, animals, and other objects just like the human brain. Record 24/7 video from all your cameras. Create rules to get smart alerts. Easily search through days or years of video. All this - and it’s very inexpensive.

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Forget Motion Detection.
Get Smart People, Vehicle and Animal Detection.

Sighthound Video is trained to detect people, vehicles and animals in the same way that a human brain works. Receive email or mobile alerts only when the things you want detected occur.

Empowering your surveillance cameras

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Easy Set Up

Software that finds your cameras automatically. You can go from install to running in under two minutes. Learn More

Smarter by Design

Computer vision in the software determines what’s happening so you don’t get hundreds of false alerts.

Rule Editor

With the Rule Editor, customize the video source, what gets analyzed, zones, and the types of alerts you'll receive. Learn More


Sighthound has partnered with IFTTT, a service that lets you create powerful connections. Learn More



ONVIF support for easy detection and configuration of compatible cameras. Learn More

Remote Viewing

iPhone and Android apps to monitor a live view of your home, show you clips of events, and provide you with alerts.


Set rules that trigger mobile alerts, e-mails or custom scripts. Click the alert to see what happened. Learn More

HD to 4K Video

Record video at any resolution your camera supports.

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Multi-Cam Support

Sighthound supports almost every brand of IP camera and webcam out there. Don’t get locked into one brand.


Video Search

Search through weeks of footage in seconds. Find only the moments that matter. Learn More

Custom Zones

Draw boxes around doorways to capture people entering a room, create thresholds on driveways to trigger people who cross, and mask areas of the scene to ignore.

Custom Schedules

Have upstairs cameras go off at night, yard cameras off on weekends and delay recording until you’ve left the house.

No Monthly Fees

Avoid cloud storage fees. Automatically upload only clips you care about to the free storage available at Google Drive, Dropbox or your preferred cloud service.



Your home security.

Use the power of Sighthound Video to make the video surveillance system in your home smarter. It’s affordable home security monitoring software that works with most cameras and outperforms the alternatives. With HD live streaming support, custom zones, and remote access, you can finally have peace of mind while you're away. More uses for home video surveillance



Intelligent Video Monitoring for your Business

The video monitoring software that's used by some of the world's top security forces is now available for your business. Whether it’s for keeping an eye on if people are where they say they are, or checking that no-one is taking something they shouldn’t, you need a video monitoring app that is hassle-free and cost-efficient. Sighthound Video offers extremely powerful software that’s easy to use and set up. More uses for business video surveillance

Smart Security, Flexible Pricing.

Pay once, with optional annual support fees after your first year.

  • Starter
  • Free

    forever, no strings attached
  • One low-res camera

  • No remote access

  • Includes a free 14 day trial of Pro

  • Download
  • Basic
  • $60

    support is $12/yr after the first year
  • 2 full-res cameras

  • Web, iOS, & Android remote access

  • IFTTT & webhook integrations

  • Get Started
  • Home
  • $120

    support is $24/yr after the first year
  • 6 full-res cameras

  • Web, iOS, & Android remote access

  • IFTTT & webhook integrations

  • Get Started
  • Pro
  • $250

    support is $50/yr after the first year
  • Unlimited full-res cameras

  • Web, iOS, & Android remote access

  • IFTTT & webhook integrations

  • Get Started

Product Updates

Sighthound Video 7.0.12 - June 18, 2021

  • Changed – Minor performance improvement in DiskCleaner.

  • Fixed – Disabled VideoToolbox acceleration on MacOS due to a crash in core Apple libraries.

  • Fixed – Video playback windows sometimes remaining visible when switching from one view to another (Windows only).

  • Fixed – Push notifications being delayed up to 60 seconds.

  • Fixed – Some USB webcams causing a crash on MacOS.

  • Fixed – “Check for Updates” button not working.

  • Fixed – 16x clip playback failing for some cameras when an audio stream is present

Sighthound Video 7.0.10 - March 18, 2021

  • Fixed - A failure to start on Windows with localized UIs (Russian specifically)

  • Fixed - A failure to stream clips with altered quality remotely on systems with available hardware acceleration

  • Fixed - Incorrect aspect ratio for recording on free version

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