Let's Make Omnichannel Real.

Let's Make Omnichannel Real.

Sighthound for Retail & Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

Click to Collect and Drive-thrus are here to stay (thankfully). The COVID-19 pandemic has moved retail and restaurants fully into the vehicle space, now let’s make it better, faster and more efficient with real-time data.

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    Increase in Revenue

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    Reductions in Costs

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    Increase NPS & Satisfaction

Real-time vehicle insights can revolutionize the Retail & QSR experience.

Better understanding customer behavior with data is the key to recovery and growth


Entry/exit presence, Lane occupancy, Lot utilization


Make, model, color, generation, license plate


Track Balk rates, Wait times, Order matching


Link IT systems, Apps, POS, online store


Chain-wide real-time data, actionable insights


Sighthound state-of-the-art ALPR technology processes over 1 billion images a year.

We deliver the highest accuracy and lowest latency on the market for drive-thru and click-to-collect systems

Only Edge computing solution

  • Avoid any single point of failure

  • Lower cost and approach to scale

  • Instant over the air features and security updates

True real-time data and actionable insights

  • Delivered anywhere, in the cloud, or on premise

  • Data collection at a chain-wide level and scalable

Best Privacy-by-design approach

  • Reduce risk, with redaction to blur any PII

  • Security built-in with encryption and Active Directory


Flexible. Adaptable.
Built around your needs, not ours.

Our approach is to turn any camera into an IoT sensor so we can work with your existing infrastructure or provide a turnkey solution with hardware, software and support.

World’s Best MMCG and ALPR Technology

  • Deploy for scale with easier integration and lower TCO

  • Unmatched accuracy, low latency unleash real-time-data decisions

  • AI and Deep Neural Networks power unlock new insights

  • Vehicle Identity Recognition suite with Make, Model, Color, Generation

  • Best-in-class ALPR/ANPR for reading all plates at any angle, any lighting

World’s Best MMCG and ALPR Technology

From the Drive-Thru to the HQ, data drives change

What if your team could finally:

  • Know who is local vs. occasional for personalization

  • Understand who is a repeat customer or VIP for a better experience

  • Identify drivers for delivery vs. drive-thru vs. dine-in vs. c2c

  • Adapt store staffing needs by the hour and optimal locations

  • Yield better Customer App experience and ROI

  • Push dynamic promos to increase customers

  • Measure balk and abandon rates and how to reduce them

Your establishment is open 24/7, shouldn’t your data be 24/7 too?

Your establishment is open 24/7, shouldn’t your data be 24/7 too?

Restaurants and Retail are dealing with challenges 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From Department stores to Grocery stores, Strip Malls to Gas Stations, Dine in to Drive thru, we help prioritize where data can make the most impact for your business.

Deploy a POC quickly and start driving increased revenue on day one.

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