How to Buy an AI Surveillance Camera in 2023: A Complete Guide

Technological advancement has taken human beings further than we could have imagined. Today so much is captured on camera as security cameras merge ever more closely with our day-to-day lives. These cameras offer us safety and protection in many ways and places. 

With the progression of artificial intelligence (AI), surveillance cameras have been upgraded, too, offering nuanced features that far exceed traditional systems. This article will act as a guide to help you better understand the best surveillance camera in these times, taking factors such as the latest AI capabilities, reliability, connectivity, and more into consideration. 

So, if you’ve been wondering how to buy a surveillance camera but would like to make sense of all the necessary specifications first, read on to have all your questions answered.

What Exactly is an AI Security Camera?

An AI security camera is a sophisticated surveillance device that leverages artificial intelligence technology to analyze and interpret visual data in real-time. Equipped with advanced features like facial recognition, object detection, and video analytics, AI security cameras offer enhanced threat identification precision, automated surveillance tasks, and valuable insights.

AI cameras are also more efficient and effective than traditional security cameras, as they can offer valuable insights and automate certain surveillance tasks.

What Must Be Key Deciding Factors In Your Research?

One must perform adequate research before buying a surveillance camera. You must thoroughly understand your security requirements and assess which features are of most value to you. You will need to consider factors like the area you’re monitoring, the level of detail you desire, and other specific functions you may need. Doing this research will aid you in reaching an informed decision and selecting a camera that suits your needs best. 

The Relevance of Reliability

It is of the utmost importance that the AI camera you choose is reliable. Reliability means a camera that will continuously perform and relay precise surveillance data. The best way to ensure this is to buy from renowned brands that make trusted products. Another way to gain insight into the performance and reliability of various camera models is to look at customer reviews and recommendations.

Quality and Resolution

High-quality cameras with the best resolution are needed to capture clear and detailed footage, as resolution defines the camera’s ability to capture finer details. To more easily identify objects and individuals, cameras with a resolution of at least 1080p or higher will offer optimal image quality. 

Surveillance at Night

If it’s round-the-clock surveillance you’re after, then you would want to look at cameras that have strong night vision capabilities. Infrared LEDs, among other advanced night vision technologies, will work best at providing clear visibility even in dim environments. This is an especially critical feature in the surveillance of outdoor and poorly lit areas. 

Storage Options

When buying a surveillance camera, consider all the available storage options. If you prefer to have your data within your control, local storage options such as an SD card or Network Video Recorder (NVR) are advantageous. Alternatively, cloud-based storage solutions allow you to access footage remotely from wherever you are, offering greater convenience and accessibility. You must weigh your needs and choose the storage solution that works best for you.

Storage Options

Connectivity and Remote Access

Dependable connectivity and remote access features are important for unfaltering surveillance. A camera must support Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections to integrate easily into your networks. You can monitor live feeds via remote access and watch recorded footage from your smartphone or computer, providing flexibility and convenience. 

Motion Detection 

Cameras equipped with motion detection capabilities help decrease false alarms and focus on relevant events. Customizable sensitivity settings will allow you to toggle the camera’s response to motion, particularly useful in busier environments where false alarms tend to be triggered more often.

Power Requirements

You’ll need to consider the power requirements for both the installation and the camera's ongoing surveillance functions. While some cameras may need a constant power source, others operate on Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Installation is made easier with PoE cameras, as they merge power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable. 

Resistance to Weather

Weatherproofing is an often overlooked but very important consideration, especially in outdoor surveillance. For a camera that will withstand numerous environments, look for one with an IP67 rating, which will safeguard the equipment against dust and water. These cameras are known for their longevity and reliability, as they are designed to survive harsh weather conditions. 

Weather Resistance

Key Features and Integration with Computer Vision

In light of their complexity, it’s wise to look beyond the basics when considering how to buy a surveillance camera and consider the key features, too. Facial recognition helps identify individuals; object detection helps with specific objects or events; and video analytics, which provides valuable data insights, are all crucial features.

Moreover, now that advanced computer vision software can be integrated into these cameras, extra functionalities are available, enhancing the camera's capabilities for more accurate analysis and automation of surveillance tasks.

Everyday Use Cases and Making the Right Choice

Before you decide on an AI security camera, you must factor in both the common use cases beyond security, such as parking management and consumer behavior studies, and your exact needs for outdoor surveillance, indoor monitoring, or commercial applications. Scalability, compatibility with existing systems, and budgetary requirements must be balanced. 

Look at customer reviews to gain insight into performance and reliability, prioritizing cameras with positive reviews. For the best possible experience, you should also consider the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer. 

Installation, Legalities, and Future-Proofing

The best practice for installing and maintaining cameras is ensuring secure placement for maximum coverage and minimal blind spots. Lens cleaning and firmware updates fall under the regular maintenance required for best performance. 

Adhering to privacy laws and regulations is essential for protecting individuals' rights and privacy. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the legal requirements in your jurisdiction to ensure compliance. Investing in integrative cameras compatible with upcoming technologies safeguards your investment, keeping it practical and relevant for longer.

State-of-the-Art Sighthound DNN Camera

Sighthound excels at selecting and recommending reliable AI cameras for individual needs. They offer personalized assistance and support throughout the purchasing process, ensuring customer satisfaction and earning their name as one of the industry’s most trusted providers. 

Sighthound DNN cameras are a cutting-edge product, offering a range of highlights, such as edge computing for real-time data and events, bolstering devices with software like Sighthound ALPR+, and supporting customer-selected software. These cameras can handle any environment with their IP67 rating, and their onboard Nvidia SOM enables seamless execution of complex AI models and efficient inference for diverse applications and scenarios.

Key Highlights Features
  • Edge computing for real-time data and events.
  • Support for software like Sighthound ALPR+ and customer-selected software.
  • IP67 rating for handling any environment.
  • Onboard Nvidia SOM for seamless execution of complex AI models and efficient inference.
  • Additional support for SD cards and NVMe.
  • Convenient storage of surveillance footage.
Power and Connectivity
  • Powered by PoE+ technology for easy deployment within a network.
  • Customizable network settings for secure connectivity.
Lens Options
  • Short and long-range focal ranges available.
  • Adaptation to different surveillance needs.
Weather Resistance
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Complies with NEMA TS2 operating temperature standards (-34°C to +74°C / -29.2°F to 165.2°F).
  • Trusted personalized assistance and support throughout the purchasing process.
  • Sighthound's reputation as one of the industry's most trusted providers.

The Best Year for the Best Cameras

Integrating AI technology in surveillance cameras empowers us to realize visions of the future that were once confined to science fiction. These advanced cameras transform the way we monitor and understand our surroundings. The choice of an AI surveillance camera transcends mere specifications; it ensures peace of mind, reliability in critical moments, and adaptability to our ever-changing needs.

Make a wise choice—opt for a guardian who watches over us and upholds our fundamental right to safety. Each Sighthound camera you install is a step towards a safer, more harmonious world.

Join us in shaping a future where our AI-enhanced surveillance cameras brighten our spaces, safeguard our communities, and instil a sense of confidence that fosters growth.

Discover the ideal AI surveillance camera on our website today and start building a safer tomorrow.


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