Sighthound Redactor

Video Redaction Software Used By Over 1,200 Entities

The advent of GDPR and CCPA has underlined that privacy matters. Sighthound Redactor blurs people, faces, vehicles, and license plates in videos automatically and enables human editing of any other identifiable information. Available for Windows Desktop, Linux and Windows servers or as a plug in for cloud services.


Introducing our Sighthound Redactor 4.0

For desktop, client-server or cloud, the latest version of Sighthound Redactor adds improved object detection and tracking, as well as full API support. Fully-automated redactions can be performed by making a single API call.


Automated Redaction

Sighthound Redactor blurs people, faces, vehicles, and license plates in videos automatically with a single click. Additionally, allows human editing of any other identifiable information.


Redaction Type

Beyond standard pixelation and blur, Sighthound Redactor detects objects and provides ability to "Mosaic", "Outline", "Fill", "Blur", or "Pixelate" any detection.


Multiple Detection Types

Advance computer vision built in. More than just faces; Detect people, vehicles, and license plates to automatically redact or box with minimal effort.


Audio Redaction

Redact audio with a simple intuitive audio waveform. Allowing "mute" or "beep" of sensitive audio information.


Manual Detection with Tracking

Detect and follow any object throughout the video as it enters or leaves the frame, including small objects. Greatly minimizing the margin of error often created by manual detection.


Redaction APIs

Sighthound Redactor offers a simple API for developers to build custom workflows and integrate with their own applications. Fully-automated redactions can be performed by making a single API call.

Deployment Environments

Redactor 4.0 can be deployed on Windows 10 running desktop or client-server architectures, on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 running on a client-server architecture, or on your own cloud service provider. We also offer hardware acceleration support for NVIDIA and Intel GPUs, and Intel CPUs.



Client Server

Client Server




Our NEW Redactor API

Bring automatic video redaction into your application with ease by utilizing our robust Redaction APIs

Common Use Cases

Public Surveillance Video

Automatically blur faces and license plates in street scenes and store security footage.


Broadcast Media

When time is of the essence, remove all identifiable face information from broadcast footage quickly.



Security video and staff training video needs to protect patient privacy. A tool so easy anyone can use it.


Download Redactor v4 Free

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Sighthound Redactor Pricing

Annually Monthly


Free Free

forever, no strings attached
  • Up to 5 minute long videos
  • Exported video watermarked
  • Desktop version
  • No custom integrations


$250 $208

per month per month paid annually
  • Unlimited video length
  • No watermark
  • Desktop version
  • No custom integrations


Custom Custom

contact sales for pricing
  • Unlimited video length
  • No watermark & custom branding
  • Desktop & client server versions
  • LDAP & Active Directory

Redactor API pricing available upon request contact sales

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 8 or Linux, 64-bit

  • Intel or AMD CPU with SSE4.2 and AVX2 support

  • 8GB+ RAM, or 1 GB per available processor core

  • Recent version of Chrome, FireFox, Edge, or IE 11 (users of Client/Server only)

The application has been optimized to efficiently scale in a multicore environment. For best performance, particularly when working with long videos, a 16+ core system and a gig of memory per core is recommended.

Supported Audio/Video Codecs

The redactor currently supports containers with h264, mpeg-4, VP8, VP9, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, msvideo1 video; and AAC, MP1, MP2, MP3, PCM audio.

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