Sighthound Redactor

Protect People & Personal Data in Videos

The advent of GDPR has underlined that privacy matters. Redactor automatically blurs faces and license plates in videos automatically and enables human editing of any other identifiable information. Available as a plug-in for cloud services, or as a stand-alone product for Linux or Windows servers.

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Redactor Features

Automatically finds and redacts(blurs) faces and license plates in video or streams

Accurate Detection

Sighthound’s deep learning is dramatically better at finding faces than alternatives.

Fast Analysis

Proprietary Sighthound IP stands out from the open source-based herd.

Intuitive Interface

Easy to use, requiring less manual intervention.

Public Surveillance Video

Whether your company is directly subject to the EU’s GDPR directive or whether you recognize that your company’s reputation for privacy matters, Sighthound Redactor’s ability to redact personally identifiable information from video streams real-time or from video files, individually or as a batch process, can protect the identities of those in the surveillance cameras field of view.

Broadcast Media

The distribution and broadcast of video content raises privacy concerns. Save hours in the redaction of video by letting Sighthound’s computer vision algorithms do the editing for you. Intelligent detection and tracking algorithms speed through the process, while controls allow you to add or remove elements to be blurred.


Whether it is the retention of procedure videos for training purposes, or the general monitoring of secure environments, patients’ privacy is of the highest concern. The more accurate the redaction software, the less time needs to be spent ensuring that privacy is being guarded.

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