Sighthound Redactor

When data privacy demands redaction, trust the best-in-class video and image redaction solution from Sighthound.  

With AI-powered redaction application and easy-to-use editing tools, you can quickly and accurately blur faces, license plates, people, and vehicles.

Blur anything with a simple, elegant tool

Video contain identifiable faces, voices and personal data. Organizations need redaction software that just works.

Proven Expertise. Built to Scale. Robust Features.

  • AI Redaction Mode

    Video Redaction

    Redact people, faces, vehicles, audio, license plates or any other confidential information

  • AI Redaction Mode

    AI Redaction Mode

    For quick, reliable results with limited human interaction, use AI redaction

  • Audio Redaction

    Audio Redaction

    Redact audio from video by scrambling, muting, or beeping

  • Manual Redaction

    Manual Redaction

    For more specific workflows that needs the human touch, use manual redaction controls

  • Low/No Tech Skills Needed

    Low/No Tech Skills Needed

    Easy to use, no special video editing experience necessary

  • Bulk Redaction

    Bulk Redaction

    Built for efficiency with bulk upload and bulk export

Put our privacy tools to work for you.

Check out to learn about the growing need for video and image redaction. With expanding privacy regulations, choose the trusted technology partner with seamless integration, advanced user features, and a dedicated support team to take care of your redaction needs.