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Smart Parking Simplified.

From street side to curbside we are focused on offering intelligent solutions and actionable data for parking lots, garages and every space in between. 

Increase Parking Revenues and Customer Insights

Unlock the data trapped in video to drive your business forward



Better monitor space and lot occupancy to grow revenue.

Grow fees and fines with highly accurate analytics support

Catch freeloaders and prevent revenue loss



Instant alerts and dashboard analytics for safety, operations and customers.

Look at trends over time, start to forecast more accurately

Detect and report criminal activity, enable better enforcement by police



Edge cameras offer better Total Cost of Ownership

Occupancy Detection + Plate Recognition (ALPR) + Vehicle Recognition (Make, Model, Color, Year) for better accuracy and reliability



Operationalize customer experience with real-time data.

Faster gate openings, loyalty and app integrations and more 

Streamline drive-thru operations and curbside pick-up areas

Trusted globally

Each parking situation is unique; from visibility to network connectivity, vehicle type to pedestrian habits. 

Our customers trust us to help manage parking spaces around the world, in hospitals, universities, cities, on curbsides, residential complexes and more.

Our technology is easy to deploy and clients love working with us. We serve Parking Management Companies, Industry Consultants, Systems Integrators and Municipal Paring Operators.


 “We chose Sighthound because of the perfect combination of performance, speed, accuracy and price.”

CEO, Parking Boss.

sighthound parking

Entry and exit presence, space and lot occupancy

Make, model, color, generation matched to license plates

Occupancy, utilization, vehicle types, foot traffic

Vehicle class, Delivery trucks, Rideshare vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and non-EVs

City-wide or franchise-wide data, actionable insights, trends and forecasts, alerts and notifications

24x7 real-time data on street or off street

The insights gathered from our technology are extremely valuable 

  • Real-time counts and occupancy

  • Historical usage trends and statistics

  • Where employees are parked

  • How spaces are utilized, flow analytics

  • Insights on VIPs, out-of-towners, suspicious vehicles

sighthound ALPR parking

Future-proof Parking for
the Electric Vehicle Wave

Many parking lots these days have space allocated to Electric Vehicle charging. However, keeping the flow of traffic smooth and ensuring a great experience requires smart solutions.



sighthound EV ICE

Know which is an Electric Vehicle (EV) and when a non-EV is occupying a space

Measure Overstays (when an EV is at 100% charge) to free up spots faster


sighthound EV waiting

Receive instant alerts when queues are forming and congestion starts

Reduce confusion by counting cars waiting


sighthound ev spot availability

Real-time availability fed to charging station apps

Free up spots faster

Flexible solutions for Parking Lots, Garages, and Curbsides

You determine the features most important to your environment, we work with you to choose the right solution. Our hardware agnostic approach and flexibility help keep costs down and make integration into existing parking platforms easy.

Get started today.

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