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Deep Neural Network devices offer the highest accuracy and lowest latency for computing on the edge. Edge devices are highly manageable and easily scalable, they are software-defined hardware that pushes all the computing to the edge - no need for big clunky servers in data cabinets.

Edge AI Devices

Deep Neural Network Devices

AI and at the Edge.

Sighthound DNN Camera

Sighthound DNN Camera

AI in a camera. The Deep Neural Network Camera, or DNN Cam, is a system capable of replacing tedious, dangerous and subjective visual tasks such as detecting, counting, sorting, tracking and observational reporting. This unique device is an ultra power-efficient, supercomputing camera with special functions designed for extremely rugged environments.

Ideal for running multiple Computer Vision models including Vehicle Identity (ALPR), Vehicle and People Detection, Vehicle Recognition (MMCG), Classification (type, class), Safety Sensors, Vehicle and People Counting

Typical applications:

  • Traffic and Intersection multimodal safety

  • Parking Lots, Garages and Curbsides

  • EV charging stations and Gas Stations

  • Retail, Hospitality & QSR


Sighthound DNN Node

Sighthound DNN Node

Make your existing cameras smart. Add AI capabilities to your existing RTSP/IP camera system with the DNN Node™. The Deep Neural Network Node or DNN Node is a rugged, IP-67, waterproof, dustproof, embedded system capable of reading several RTSP network cameras. This tiny, fanless powerhouse replaces servers and reduces the size and complexity of integrating AI at the edge.

This powerful device is an ultra power-efficient, supercomputing powerhouse with special functions designed for extremely rugged environments.

Typical applications:

  • Traffic and Intersection multimodal safety

  • Mobile LPR for fleets and law enforcement

  • Parking Lots, Garages, and Curbsides

  • Digital Signage and Advertising

 Why at the Edge?

Future-proof your business with software-defined hardware

  • Higher ease of installation and maintenance

  • All data computed on-site, with little or no network connectivity

  • Reduce data load, only send relevant metadata

  • Tech agnostic, flexible platform choices, no vendor lock-ins

  • Flexible HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) pricing options to reduce Capital Expenditures


Cloud Platform Enabled

Remote device management & updates

Remote service management and configuration

Centralized data dashboards and reports

User management and permissions


Edge Software Enabled

OTA service and firmware updates

Edge UI onsite image, video & network configuration, dashboards & reports

User management and permissions

Actually Useful Data

Actually Useful Data

Generate data freely available to other systems

Structuring data into useful intelligence

Taking data silos and joining them up to make sense of them


“Blown away by it’s elegance. I’ve never been able to run Computer Vision models on the edge before now.”

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Sighthound Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

For more frequently asked questions about Sighthound Hardware and other Sighthound solutions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you do not see the answer you are looking for, contact our experts.

  • Sighthound Cameras are specifically designed for outdoor surveillance and parking lot applications, offering a rugged IP67-rated design that can withstand harsh environments. With customizable lens options, they provide excellent coverage and deliver high-quality images. Sighthound Cameras can be easily mounted on parking lot light poles, at entry points of parking lots or garages, and in other strategic locations. Their advanced features include license plate recognition, vehicle, and people detection, counting, and tracking, enabling enhanced security, efficient space management, and improved traffic management.

  • Yes! With the Sighthound Node, you can transform your existing non-smart network camera into an intelligent device. Sighthound Node integrates seamlessly with your deployed camera by processing the RTSP stream in real-time and providing real-time results at the edge.

    This allows you to enhance your existing camera infrastructure and gain valuable insights without the need for costly camera replacements.

  • Yes! Sighthound Cameras are built on Nvidia modules and run a Linux-based software stack with the capability to run dockerized containers. This allows you to deploy and run your software directly on the camera.

    You can leverage the real-time stream provided by the onboard lens to capture and process data in real-time. This opens up possibilities for a wide range of applications, such as real-time event detection, object tracking, and custom analytics.

  • Our hardware solutions are built with ease of integration in mind, allowing for seamless deployment and minimal disruption to your operations.

    The devices support standard network protocols and are compatible with the most common, if not all, network infrastructures. They can be easily connected to your network and integrated into your existing system. Our devices offer remote management capabilities, enabling you to conveniently configure and monitor them from a centralized location.

  • Sighthound Hardware utilizes the power of edge computing by processing data and running AI algorithms directly on the devices themselves, at the edge of your network. This significantly minimizes latency, improves responsiveness, and reduces reliance on constant network connectivity. With Sighthound Hardware, you can make critical decisions in real-time, ensure continuity of operations even in unreliable network conditions, and effectively manage and analyze your visual data without overwhelming your network infrastructure.

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