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Sighthound's AI-Powered video solutions unlock the power of your data, resulting in valuable user insights, reduced operational cost, and increased revenue for the privacy and vehicle recognition space.

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Automatic License Plate Recognition with all the features & benefits you expect. Plus more.


The fastest, most accurate, and easiest-to-use Video Redaction product available today.

Edge Hardware

The most powerful Edge AI Devices.
Rugged. Proven Powerful. Made in the USA.



State-of-the-art deep learning solutions from Sighthound's own computer vision research lab. Patented technology that tops commercial and academic benchmarks.

Vehicle Detection & Recognition

Detect vehicles from static or moving cameras and return the make, model, color, and generation of any vehicle sold from 1991 onwards.

Sighthound ALPR+

Vehicle Type ID + Object Tracking

Distinguish between vehicles, trucks, buses, motorbikes, people, bicycles, and license plates and track them throughout a video.

Sighthound ALPR+


Remove personally identifiable information automatically from video feeds or files. Finds faces and license plates and allows other data to be edited out manually.

Sighthound Redactor

License Plate Recognition

Read plates from most countries in the world, reporting the alphanumeric characters and region for US, Canada, and major EU countries.

Sighthound ALPR+

Powerful Edge AI Hardware

Deep neural network devices offer the highest accuracy and lowest latency for computing on the edge. No need for big clunky servers in data cabinets.

Sighthound Hardware

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