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Sighthound Solutions

Packaged solutions that are flexible, brandable, and integrate quickly into existing processes, products and services.

Public Safety &
Safe Cities Solutions

Add vision intelligence to public safety, law enforcement, and smart city offerings.

Automotive Solutions

Driver awareness, recognition, and monitoring for vehicles.
Cloud or embedded in-car.

Surveillance Solutions

Bring state-of-the-art deep learning to your surveillance installations.

Retail & Digital Signage Solutions

Power retail settings with smart visual data analysis including age, gender and emotion.

Sighthound Capabilities 

State-of-the-art deep learning solutions from Sighthound's own computer vision research lab. Patented technology that tops commercial and academic benchmarks.

Vehicle Detection & Recognition

Detect vehicles from static or moving cameras, and return the make, model and color of any vehicle sold from 1991 onwards.

License Plate Recognition

Read plates from most countries in the world, reporting the alphanumeric characters and for the US, Canada and the major EU countries, the issuing jurisdiction.

Person & Face Detection

Find and track humans as they pass through a scene, find their faces and keep track of the best shot of the face during the scene.

Vehicle Type Identification

Distinguish between buses, trucks, passenger vehicles, and certain corporate fleets, such as UPS, Fedex and USPS delivery vehicles.


Person Demographics

Identify a detected person's gender, age and emotion as they pass through the scene.


Remove personally identifiable information automatically from video feeds or files. Finds faces, license plates and allows other data to be edited out manually.

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