Redactor v4 Beta Release

We are excited to announce that our Redactor v4 beta release is now available for download! Since we want to get as many hands on this as possible, our beta release is free and available for download here. This release includes significant performance, accuracy and speed improvements as well as our brand new Redaction API.

V4 features and improvement include:

New Features

  • Redaction APIs

  • Embeddable Redactor editor library (React/Javascript)

  • Audio scrambling redaction method

  • Private-label branding support


  • New & improved tracking algorithm, significantly increasing our tracking accuracy

  • Enhanced robustness to variations in the scene (ie. lighting, angle, motion, size, etc.)

  • Over a 35% reduction in average processing time

  • Over a 60% reduction in false positives

  • Over a 10% improvement in object detection (especially small objects)

  • Hardware accelerated video decoding

  • Nvidia & Intel iGPU support

  • Improved optimization for Intel CPU (IPP)

As a heads up, there are trial limitations put in place (watermarking and a max export of 5 minutes), these will not be in effect on the final paid version.

If you run into any issues, or have any suggestions as you use Redactor v4, please let our support team know at Thanks for the interest and help, happy redacting!


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