Sighthound Launches Automatic License Plate Recognition Products

April 15, 2020

Today Sighthound, Inc. launched a new suite of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software, services, and solutions built on its 10-year heritage of innovative computer vision products.  

Sighthound Launches Automatic License Plate Recognition Products

Sighthound ALPR products recognize license plates from over 100 countries, states, and territories.  An easy web portal is included to search through ALPR results or view them in real-time.  Inbound and outbound webhooks enable rapid integration into other products and services.  Sighthound ALPR products include:

  • Sighthound ALPR Pro - starts at just $29 per camera per month for on-premise or in-cloud deployments, with unlimited users and 90 days of data retention.   

  • Sighthound ALPR Free - limits the Pro solution to cloud deployments with up to five users and five days of data retention.

  • Sighthound ALPR Engine - a developer focused product to embed Sighthound ALPR within existing products and services.

Sighthound ALPR Pro is available to end-users, small businesses, and large enterprises directly from Sighthound, and is available to government customers exclusively via Sighthound public safety and law enforcement partners.   Sighthound ALPR Free is available to all customers.   Sighthound ALPR Engine is available to hardware and software creators and integrators.

All Sighthound products are designed to work on edge IoT devices, premise servers, or cloud servers and are available as software, Software as a Service (SaaS), or turnkey hardware/software solutions.  Sighthound products are designed to be easy to use and to integrate into other systems, to provide insightful information, to be respectful and protective of privacy, and to be driven by facts and data above all else.  

The new Sighthound products are at the forefront of change in the ALPR industry - an industry which has traditionally delivered an astounding combination of limited accuracy and flexibility with high cost and complexity.  

Sighthound’s ALPR products are built on its fifth generation computer vision platform, Sighthound IO, and replace legacy technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with a 100% Deep Neural Network AI trained on over four million vehicles and license plates.

Thanks to lower software, hardware, and integration costs, Sighthound ALPR products cost less, on average, than traditional ALPR products.  Sighthound software is aggressively priced to disrupt incumbent providers, and unlike legacy solutions, does not require specialized cameras focused on single lanes of traffic and deployed at short distances with narrow angles.  

In contrast, Sighthound ALPR supports almost any IP camera, multiple lanes of traffic per camera, and offers significantly more flexibility in camera deployment angles and distances.

Get started with Sighthound ALPR here.


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