Sighthound Video 5.0 Now Available

Best-selling surveillance software for the home now has faster iOS, Android and web browser remote access, has a new Grid View for monitoring cameras in the desktop application, and is 64 bit.

Palo Alto, California - July 6, 2017 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced the release of Sighthound Video 5.0, the latest version of its state-of-the-art security software for homes and businesses.

Sighthound Video is artificial intelligence software which allows a computer to monitor a home or business and look for people. The software minimizes false alerts caused by events that would otherwise fool conventional motion-based detection software that is incapable of distinguishing between people and other objects.

The fifth generation of the software adds several features that users have requested, including:

Desktop Application:

  • The addition of a new Grid View which displays live streams in any order, layout and framerate with quick keyboard navigation

  • Sighthound Video is now a 64-bit application

Remote Access:

  • Adaptive quality control for live streams on iOS, Android and web browser. Dynamic resolution and bitrate based on connection speed

  • Much faster connections for live streams on any device

  • Web access has improved dynamic layout, massive speed improvements, and expanded HTML 5 playback support

In addition, Windows versions now have added support for recording most PCM audio streams.

“We have an active user community that makes suggestions for product improvements in the forums and we’re happy to implement those whenever we can,” said Stephen Neish, Sighthound’s CEO. “Our previous major version had a lot of architectural changes. These have been the foundation that has allowed us to concentrate on more user-facing features this time around.”

Sighthound Video 5.0 will be rolled out from today at no cost to those Sighthound customers who are current with their support and upgrade subscriptions.

Sighthound Video works on Windows or Mac and has a one-time license fee of $60 for 2 cameras or $250 for unlimited cameras, both of which include a year of major version upgrades and technical support.

Customers new to Sighthound Video can download the free Starter edition and access a free 14-day Pro trial at

The latest version of Sighthound Video joins Sighthound’s other offerings: Sighthound Sentry, the computer vision engine used by companies to add intelligence to their products and services, and Sighthound Cloud, a suite of computer vision APIs for developers.

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