Sighthound Launches Academic Program For Students

Sighthound makes available industry-leading computer vision software, tuning tools and pre-extracted features to students for free and announces cash prizes for the best research papers.

Honolulu, Hawaii – July 22, 2017 – Today at the CVPR 2017 computer vision event in Honolulu, HI Sighthound, Inc. announced the Sighthound Academic Program, a means by which students at universities and academic research institutions can use Sighthound’s industry-leading computer vision software for free.

Students are able to extract compact, powerful deep features on their own datasets for several tasks such as car classification/verification, face recognition/verification, and face attribute (age/gender/emotion/pose) estimation. As a result students now have access to an approach that is easier to get started with, faster to get up and running than OpenCV or other open source alternatives, and provides more accurate results. Sighthound regularly tops the benchmark result tables on academic data sets.

The Program, which costs commercial customers around $2,400 per year, makes it easy to access Sighthound’s industry-leading computer vision software with simple python and Matlab scripts. It provides students with building blocks for their research across several areas of computer vision, including detection, classification, counting, clustering, tracking and recognition, and provides capabilities to students that are not normally available to commercial customers, such as pre-extracted features for the most popular academic data sets and the ability to adjust parameters.

Popular detection and recognition suites included are:

Detection Suite

  • Face Detection

  • People Detection

  • Vehicle Detection

  • License Plate Detection

Face Suite

  • Face Authentication/Recognition

  • Facial Landmarks

  • Facial Attributes (Age/Gender/Emotion/Pose)

Vehicle Suite

  • Vehicle Make/Model Recognition

  • Vehicle Color Recognition

  • License Plate Recognition

Sighthound also announced that it will award a $5,000 cash prize to the best research paper that cites Sighthound at CVPR 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. To learn more about the Student Academic Program or to register, go to

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