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Cost FREE $60 $250
Maximum Number of Cameras One Two** Unlimited**
High Definition Video Support
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Technical Support and New Versions*

* All licenses are perpetual. Basic and Pro license prices include 12 months of email support and major version upgrades. Optional 12 month renewal terms for the upgrades and email support cost $12 for Basic and $50 for Pro.

** A Basic license is valid for 2 cameras on a single computer or server. A Pro license is valid for as many cameras as run on a single computer or server.


Upgrade from Basic to Pro at any time from within the application and receive a credit for the cost of the Basic license.

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The final step is to get Sighthound surveillance right at your fingertips! Download now for either Android or iPhone. You must have version 2.1 or later of the Sighthound Video software installed on a computer for the mobile apps to function.