Sighthound Acquires Vitamin D

Computer vision start up buys intelligent video security company, extends upgrade offer to user base

Menlo Park, CA - December 20th, 2013 - Sighthound Inc., announced today that it has acquired the assets of Vitamin D Video LLC as part of its push to bring advanced computer vision to consumer and corporate markets. The transaction completed earlier this year, and Sighthound has been actively supporting Vitamin D Video users since.

Sighthound has been working in stealth mode on next generation computer vision software and will be launching several products in 2014. In the meantime Sighthound has relaunched the Vitamin D software under the Sighthound Video brand and has begun an extensive program of product development and feature enhancement.

“Vitamin D generated a lot of excitement when it launched in 2010 by bringing human detection based on neural network technology to the world of security,” says Stephen Neish, Sighthound’s President. “It was a great leap forward over motion detection and as fans of the technology we were keen to help the user base when Vitamin D ceased development.”

“Although Sighthound Video will fit into our product portfolio as an entry-level product for home users and small businesses,” adds Neish, “The Vitamin D product was originally developed in conjunction with intelligence agencies, and is still in use with various agencies around the world. Our task has been to add features that make the product better suited to home users and small businesses.”

Some improvements already shipping in the product include:

  • Remote access on web browsers, iPads, iPhones and Android

  • H.264 rather than MPEG-4 for a better quality to file size ratio

  • More camera resolutions, as well as a "match source" option

  • Set temporary video duration as low as 1 hour

  • Improved appearance on retina displays

  • Continuous clip play functionality

  • Clip saving to remote disks, including Dropbox

Other enhancements will be released soon.

Sighthound is offering Vitamin D Video users an opportunity to move to the Sighthound Video product and share in the improvements being made.

Those users running the free starter version of Vitamin D Video can visit the Sighthound downloads page to get the latest Sighthound Video free version.

Users who purchased the Basic or Pro versions of Vitamin D Video have a path forward to Sighthound Video as follows:

  • Sighthound is extending its offer of reduced price upgrades through March 31st, 2014 in order to give all Vitamin D Video users the opportunity to upgrade if they so choose. Those who purchased a Vitamin D Video Basic or Pro license will receive 70% off the latest equivalent Sighthound Video product, which reduces the Basic price to $18 and the Pro price to $75 prior to March 31st, 2014. To receive a discount, enter the serial number (found in "Help->Show License Information") in the upgrade box at the bottom of the download page.

  • Those bought a Vitamin D Video license after May 10th, 2013 are eligible for a free upgrade to Sighthound Video. Enter your serial number on this page and you will be emailed a new license.

There is of course no obligation to move to Sighthound or to upgrade. Existing Vitamin D Video licenses remain valid indefinitely. This is merely a service to those who would otherwise have been left behind when Vitamin D ceased development.

About Sighthound

Sighthound is the latest start-up by Jonathan Taylor and Stephen Neish, the founders of telephony software company Voxeo Corporation, which was acquired by Aspect Software in July 2013. The founders started looking at other areas where the lessons of Voxeo – easy to use, scalable and dramatically different software – could be applied. Sighthound, Inc. has offices in Orlando, FL and Menlo Park, CA.

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