Sighthound Video Brings People Detection and Intelligent Search to Home Security

Software mimics the way the human brain works to differentiate humans and objects

Menlo Park, California - September 26, 2013 - Sighthound, Inc. announces today the launch of Sighthound Video, a product designed to disrupt the hard-to-use world of video security software and bring new levels of intelligence to keeping an eye on those things most precious to you.

Sighthound Video has been trained to simulate the human brain’s recognition abilities. The software not only detects motion, it detects people. The software’s ability to detect and differentiate humans from animals or other objects greatly reduces the number of false positives and unnecessary alerts sent to users, which can make even the most modern security cameras unusable.

“When my neighbor suffered an attempted home invasion by an intruder trying to kick down the door, he asked me to recommend the best system to monitor the house and alert when intruders approach,” said Jonathan Taylor, Chairman of Sighthound. “After having looked at dozens of systems, I honestly couldn’t recommend anything.”

Sighthound was born of the need to increase intelligence, speed and simplicity in the world of video security software.

Easy to Use

Sighthound is the first video security software to work seamlessly on Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones and Android without the need for browser plug-ins or mobile downloads. After installation, it finds most cameras automatically, and you are using the desktop software in 60 seconds. Users control remote access to their videos by creating secure links to the Sighthound software.

Intelligent Search

Sighthound Video can search through days’ or weeks’ worth of video in seconds to find events that interest you. The software creates a clips file of all actions triggered by rules you set. It’s like a Google search of things that your cameras saw. And because Sighthound Video is smart, you don’t have to look through hundreds of pictures of your pet or other moving objects.

“I hear the story all too often,” said Stephen Neish, President of Sighthound. “After a neighborhood break in a homeowner purchases cameras with alerts triggered by motion detection. By the second day hundreds of alerts of moving branches and cats have been sent to their smart phone, and so they turn the alerts off.”

With Sighthound Video Users can view and control their cameras, see live streaming video, and view clips of what’s been happening at home on an iPhone, iPad, Android device or any web browser from anywhere in the world. Sighthound Video is not restricted to any single make of camera - it works with any IP camera or webcam with an accessible video feed, which is almost all IP cameras and webcams on sale today.

The starter version, with lower resolution for one camera, is free. The Basic and Pro editions, which add HD video, multiple cameras and much more, are $60 and $250, each including 12 months of software support and upgrades. Sighthound Video is available for download from today by visiting

About Sighthound

Sighthound is the latest start-up by Jonathan Taylor and Stephen Neish, the founders of telephony software company Voxeo Corporation, which was acquired by Aspect Software in July 2013. The founders started looking at other areas where the lessons of Voxeo – easy to use, scalable and dramatically different software – could be applied. Sighthound, Inc. has offices in Orlando, FL and Menlo Park, CA.

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