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Julianna Calabrese Julianna Calabrese

ADVANCED VEHICLE ANALYTICS: More Than License Plate Recognition

Is License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology just about reading license plates? Well, it shouldn’t be. In our upcoming webinar, you will learn about how LPR technology started and where it is going. With advancements in Computer Vision, LPR software can provide so much more, but it isn’t easy, and many providers are falling behind. Hear how organizations like yours can get the most value from LPR technology with more data and higher accuracy rates.

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Julianna Calabrese Julianna Calabrese


Meet Redactor: A Must-Have Privacy Tool for Images & Audio Blur people, faces, license plates, and vehicles. Best-in-class identification and tracking of objects through video resulting in highly-accurate, low-risk redacted files.

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