Super Smart Surveillance Software

Powered by Computer Vision

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of surveillance camera software out there. Some of it bad, some of it not so bad. To stand out from the masses, Sighthound Video would have to have something different. It does. Rather than just showing you what is happening on your cameras or looking for motion, Sighthound takes the video feed and runs it through your computer. Complex computer vision models then watch the video and differentiate between objects and humans. The software was developed to allow security services to keep an eye on lots of places at once without needing people monitoring live video feeds. Sighthound Video takes that powerful technology and delivers it in an intuitive interface that has won fans all over the world.

Smarter home surveillance software…

Sighthound Video monitors video feeds in order to distinguish humans from animals and objects. Most other security surveillance software, which uses only motion detection, watches pixels change from light to dark -- it has no idea what it saw.

…Even when you’re away.

Download the mobile app to keep an eye on everything while you’re away. Thanks to Sighthound’s computer vision, you will only normally receive alerts when someone, not something, is seen by your home cameras.

The mobile apps, currently iPhone and Android, connect to the Sighthound surveillance video software on your home computer. You can then access the cameras to see live footage, clips of events, alert notifications, and to turn the cameras on or off.

Have peace of mind with the best surveillance video software available.