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Video clips say "Video not found"

Aug 25, 2014

You may get in a state where all of the thumbnails of video clips in the Search list are black, with the text "Video not found." This occurs if someone has moved the video files from the default location, or if Sighthound Video shuts down unexpectedly, or move or delete any of the video archive files that the app is using, you may get the “Video not found” message in your search view. 

Here is a list of actions that may cause this problem:

  • The customer or other software deletes or moves one of the video files in the archive folder.
  • The customer or other software force quits any of the "Sighthound Agent" processes using Task Manager.
  • The OS itself crashes and forces the customer to reboot.
  • The customer manually reboots or turns off the computer without cleanly shutting it down.
  • Power failure causes the computer to turn off without cleanly shutting it down.
  • The customer logs out of their account, or shuts down or reboots their PC, without first quitting Sighthound Video, which cases the OS to quit all applications.
  • Windows Update or something else automatically shuts down or reboots the computer.