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There is a delay between an event happening and an action being taken

Aug 25, 2014

If you select any of the rule options displayed in the bottom green box ("If seen:"), and action is taken if that event is seen, e.g., play a sound, send a notification, upload the clip to an FTP site, run a command, etc. (Note that some of these features are only available in the Basic and Pro Editions) you may notice a delay between the time the event happens, and the time the action or notification is triggered.

A small amount of delay is normal, but some types of events have a longer delay than others. Specifically:

  • Rules looking for objects entering or exiting regions or doors, or crossing a boundary, are triggered immediately when the center point of the box around the object passes the line of the region or boundary. There is a delay of several seconds while the software processes the activity before the action is taken.
  • Rules that involve being inside a region, or duration criteria, are not triggered until the condition is no longer true. For example, a rule for a person being inside a region is not triggered until that person leaves the region. In addition, if another person or persons enters the region while the first person is still there, the rule is not triggered until the last person leaves the region. In other words, clips can be extended as other objects enter the scene. You may have noticed that some clips have multiple objects in them (indicated by the dark blue marks on the playback bar of the Search view. On any given clip, the rule is not triggered until the end of the clip.
  • If you are uploading clips to an FTP site, long clips introduce an additional delay because of upload time required. A ten-minute clip will obviously take more time to be uploaded than a ten-second clip.