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It stopped recording and is no longer running

Mar 09, 2017

If you have set up Sighthound Video to record, then returned to your computer to find that nothing was recorded, possible causes include:

Your computer power settings are set to automatically sleep after a certain period of time. To prevent this, set your computer's power settings to never sleep.

  • On Windows, select Control Panel > Power Options. Click "Change plan settings" for the select power plan, and in the next screen click "Change advanced power settings." Click "Processor power management > Minimum processor state > Setting. Set this at 100%.
  • On Mac OS, select System Preferences > Energy Saver. Click the Sleep Tab to see the first setting "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for." Set this at "Never."

An automatic Windows update caused your system to reboot. There is a control panel setting to disable this.

  • On Windows, select Control panel > Windows Update > Change settings. Select any option except "Install updates automatically."
  • Note: Mac OS does not install updates automatically.

If you have a system shared by multiple people and accounts, someone may have logged off the account with Sighthound Video. See Using Sighthound Video more securely on a shared computer.

If Sighthound Video is still running but it seems video was not recorded, see Sighthound Video didn't record something that happened on my camera.