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Enabling mobile notifications

Feb 05, 2015

This feature is for Basic and Pro Editions only


Please do the following before reading this article:

1) Enable remote access

2) Download the mobile application


Getting Started

Go to the rule editor for the rule you wish to receive notifications for. In the "If seen:" section, under the "Take actions" tab, click the box next to "Send a mobile notification". 

Click "OK". Sighthound Video will now send notifications to any devices running the Sighthound Video mobile applications each time this rule is triggered.

How notifications work

When a notification is received you may tap it to view the corresponding clip.

In the mobile application the Alerts view will list any missed notifications. Single events can be tapped to view the corresponding clip. If multiple notifications were missed for a single rule they will display as a stacked notification and tapping will take you to the corresponding search. Notifications can be dismissed rather than viewed by swiping left.

If you are already in the app and receive a notification, a red icon will appear at the bottom-right corner of the screen.   


  • You can install the Sighthound mobile app and receive notifications on multiple devices.
  • If you are getting too many notifications consider only enabling them on narrower rules such as "People on my driveway" instead of "Any object anywhere". More details can be found here.