Sighthound Sentry Vision SDK

Accelerating your products with proprietary deeply-learned computer vision technology

Integrating computer vision has never been so simple. The Sighthound Sentry SDK provides a robust and flexible solution that is deeply-learned, platform agnostic, and offers multiple vision intelligence capabilities in one easy-to-use SDK.

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Build Once. Deploy Anywhere.

Sentry deploys on platforms ranging from cloud services such as AWS and Azure, to on-premise servers, to embedded systems such as NVIDIA TX1/TX2 boards or devices running iOS or Android.

Complete Computer Vision in One SDK

Embed easy-to-use and robust computer vision into your next product. Avoid multiple conflicting solutions with a single best-of-breed software SDK that enables all major computer vision capabilities, including:

  • • Person & Object Detection
  • • Vehicle Recognition
  • • License Plate Recognition
  • • Face & Emotion Detection
  • • Custom Deep Networks

Person Detection

Vehicle Recognition


License Plate Recognition

Sighthound Sentry SDK Capabilities

Combine capabilities to make intelligent vision applications.


Know when something is present.


Know what is present.


Keep track of the number of detections.


Remove or blur identifiable faces or text.


Bring attention to things of interest in an image or video.


Sort like objects together.


Analyze age, gender and facial attributes.


Group images or videos together by person.


Follow specified elements through moving video.

Character Recognition

Read license plates and other text.


Perform a 1:1 match of images of people's faces.


Find makes and models of objects such as cars.


Find known people.


Sense emotion from facial expressions.

Things You Can Do With Sighthound Sentry

Watch various use cases for our SDK.

Public Safety
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Power public safety agencies worldwide

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Monitor the interior of vehicles

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Power your application with intelligent data analysis

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Integrating the Sighthound Sentry SDK

Our SDK processes various inputs (images, video, RTSP streams, cameras, & custom feeds), and integrates with multiple programming languages to power your application's computer vision capabilities.

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