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Sighthound PSLE

Sighthound’s Public Safety Law Enforcement engine brings intelligent visual search to stored video files and live feeds. Use the SDK’s person, vehicle, LPR and other capabilities for BOLO, parking enforcement and amber alerts.

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Sighthound Redactor

For desktop, client-server or cloud, Sighthound Redactor uses object detection to reduce manual intervention in video redaction. In addition to blurring faces, Redactor can find people, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and license plates.

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Sighthound Video

Smart security camera software for homes and businesses. Sighthound Video is powerful computer vision technology that brings intelligence to your surveillance system by detecting people and other objects in the live camera stream.

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Accelerating your products with state-of-the-art deeply-learned computer vision technology. is a robust and flexible solution that offers multiple vision intelligence capabilities in one platform.

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Sighthound Recognize

Sighthound’s industry-beating facial recognition technology can be deployed on mobile devices. Try this iOS demo application at the AppStore to see what your application may be capable of when you integrate the iOS SDK.

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Sighthound Cloud API

Cloud-based API for developers. For proofs-of-concept or production purposes, Sighthound Cloud offers detection and recognition APIs for people, face, age, gender, vehicle make/model and LPR.

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