Computer Vision API for Developers

Sighthound Cloud is a service that enables software developers to add computer vision to their applications. The Sighthound Cloud APIs return the existence and location in frame of people and faces in images sent to the service. Developers can use the service for free, with paid plans available from $49 per month for commercial use.
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Computer Vision Engine for OEMs

Sighthound Sentry is a computer vision engine for OEM partners to add intelligence to home automation, intruder detection, or home and business security systems. Sentry detects, tracks and distinguishes objects and people in real time. Sentry integrates into the OEM partner’s software and can run on installed devices, IP cameras or in the cloud.
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Security camera software for home or business

Sighthound Video is software that monitors the feeds from IP and USB cameras to look for people and objects. It's super easy to install - and super-smart, too. Sighthound Video records, stores, and analyzes your video. It sends intelligent alerts and saves you hours when you need to search through video for specific events.
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