Emotion Recognizer now live on Sighthound Cloud

Demographics suite now capable of detecting emotion, age and gender.

Palo Alto, California - March 2, 2017 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced the release of a deeply learned emotion recognizer on its Sighthound Cloud API service. The emotion recognizer analyzes an image or video stream to find all faces and determine, for each face, the emotion along with an associated confidence level. Sighthound’s emotion recognizer has been trained to recognize seven different types of emotions.

Sighthound now has the world’s most accurate age detector, gender recognizer and emotion classifier, providing significantly more accurate results than the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Cognitive Services API.

Real Age Estimation

Methods Mean Absolute Error
Sighthound 5.76
Rothe et al. 7.34
Microsoft 7.62
Face++ 11.04

Emotion Recognition Accuracy

Methods Accuracy
Sighthound 76.1%
Microsoft 61.3%

Gender Recognition Accuracy

Methods Accuracy
Sighthound 91.00%
Microsoft 90.86%
Rothe et al. 88.75%
Levi and Hassner 86.60%
Kairos 84.66%
Face++ 83.04%

Full benchmark results with academic references and white paper are available here:

Alongside the developer API, Sighthound released a demonstration version of the emotion recognizer tool on its website today for testing.

Developers can use the free Sighthound Cloud API at Paid accounts (Basic, PRO, and Enterprise) have access to production servers for commercial use and begin at $49 per month.

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