Sighthound Video 7.0.5 BETA - We’re running on Big Sur!

First of all, we'd like to thank all Sighthound Video users who have been patiently waiting for a Sighthound Video release for macOS Big Sur. Good news, Sighthound Video for Big Sur is now available for download! You can find links to download the beta release in your account portal inside the “Sighthound Video v7 BETA” section.


Sighthound Video 7.0.5 Feature Overview

  • Support for macOS Big Sur

  • H.264 decompression uses hardware acceleration when available:

    • Via DirectX Video Acceleration or Cuda on Windows

    • Via Video ToolBox on macOS

  • Video pre-processing runs ~10-20% faster on modern Intel CPUs

  • Video pre-processing runs ~50% fast on Nvidia GPUs.

The release includes significant performance improvements when compared to Sighthound Video 6, especially for users with Intel 7th gen i7 or newer CPUs or NVIDIA GeForce 7xx or newer GPUs. However, as a warning, this BETA release has a few UI quirks that we are currently working on fixing. 

macOS Users

Please be aware that you will encounter issues with the Sighthound Video UI if you are in dark mode. While in dark mode, the text will get inverted to white in the UI. Other UI components have not been adjusted to handle dark mode, and the text will seem to disappear. To fix this, you'll need to change the "Appearance" setting on your machine to run in "Light" mode; this setting can be changed by navigating to "System Preferences > General" and selecting the "Light" option next to "Appearance".


For Mac users who have yet to upgrade to macOS Big Sur, be aware that upgrading to Big Sur limits you to version 7, this is the only version of Sighthound that will work on Big Sur. You will not be able to use a version before 7 as those application dependencies are no longer available on Big Sur.

Windows Users

There is currently an issue with our camera wizard where the wizard's sizing is not working correctly. This will not limit your ability to add or edit cameras.

Complete release notes can be found on our Release Notes page.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, contact our support team at or visit our support page at


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