Sighthound Video - MacOS Big Sur Update

With the release of Apple's macOS Big Sur on Thursday, November 12, 2020, Sighthound Video users on Mac might be considering updating; however, we suggest holding off a little longer. 

Since our initial post regarding macOS Big Sur and Sighthound Video, our engineering team has reviewed the issue. It appears that Big Sur broke all python applications (python version 2 and 3); however, applications with python3 dependencies have since been fixed. ( So what does this mean for Sighthound Video on Mac?

Sighthound Video currently uses a custom build of python2.7, so the fixes to python3 applications, unfortunately, do not apply. With that said, the current approach to a fix has proven more challenging than expected, and our team is reviewing our codebase to supply Mac users with a fix. 

So what to do?

If you rely on Mac for your security needs, we strongly suggest not upgrading to Big Sur and verify that your Mac does not automatically update. 

What to do if you already upgraded to macOS Big Sur?

If you have updated to macOS Big Sur, you can revert to a previous macOS version or run Sighthound Video on another system (Windows or Mac with older OS). Please note that you will be required to unlink your license to run on another system, requiring you to contact our support staff,

Keep a lookout for a status update next week!


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