Sighthound Video Big Sur Update - Beta is on the horizon

Sorry to keep you waiting. While the good news is that we finally have a version running on Big Sur, it has not yet met our quality threshold -- even for a public beta.

Why the delay?

The fact is, we waited a bit too long to update some of the major dependency components of Sighthound Video, which caused the updates forced upon us by Big Sur to be more painful than they should have been.

On top of that, some of these dependency components have been, even in their most recent versions, scrambling to keep up with, and adapt to Big Sur changes. And while we (and the open source community) have been working hard to catch up, it is still very much a work-in-progress.

So, where do we stand now?

We are nearing a stage where we will feel comfortable with making a public beta release. Hopefully, early next week, but definitely before the New Year. There are, still, two fairly major bugs to address:

  • Video playback in the app always fills the entire window, instead of keeping the aspect ratio, resulting in a stretched resolution. This is only broken on Mac due to a regression in wxWidgets component that we use. We’ll have it fixed before the release, but will likely still be broken in next week’s beta.

  • When Dark Mode is enabled, the UI looks less than pretty, and comes with a “white font on a gray background” color scheme, which makes it a real strain on the eyes. Again, will be fixed before the release -- but not in the upcoming beta.

Thanks for being patient as we continue to tackle Big Sur. We do apologize for all of the inconveniences, and will be back in touch with updates next week!


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