Sighthound Brings Computer Vision to IFTTT

IFTTT links Sighthound Video’s computer vision capabilities to more than 160 applications, including Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google Drive, Nest, Philips hue, Twitter and WeMo.

Menlo Park, California - February 5, 2015 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced the release of Sighthound Video 2.4, the latest version of its popular home and business security software that uses computer vision to monitor video feeds. This release allows a computer running Sighthound Video to communicate with over 160 applications and devices through the IFTTT cloud service, including Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google Drive, Nest, Philips hue, Twitter and WeMo.

Sighthound Video sends alert triggers to your IFTTT account in the cloud. In IFTTT users create recipes that allow other devices and applications to react to what Sighthound Video sees. Examples include:

  • If Sighthound Video detects a person in my home while I’m out, turn Philips hue bulbs red.

  • When a person is in my yard when I’m on vacation, alert my neighborhood watch Facebook Group.

  • Log every person who enters my house in Google Calendar.

  • When a person enters a room, turn my Nest thermostat up (but not if it’s my dog).

  • Call me when a person climbs over my fence.

Sighthound Video has gained such a strong following among home and business owners because its computer vision engine is much better at distinguishing between people and other moving objects than motion sensors or other camera software. The partnership with IFTTT enables Sighthound’s computer vision intelligence to interact with the other apps in users’ lives.

The latest release of Sighthound Video also supports the discovery and configuration of IP cameras using ONVIF, making the configuration of cameras which are not pre-populated in Sighthound Video even easier.

More information is available at and

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Sighthound makes sense of movement through our world. By combining computer vision and artificial intelligence Sighthound is redefining real time video analysis for homes and businesses.

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