Sighthound Releases Sighthound Video 2.3

Latest release brings large screen live views, ability to hit snooze on e-mail alerts, and international date and time format options.

Menlo Park, California - August 20, 2014 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced the release of Sighthound Video 2.3, the latest version of the home surveillance software which uses computer vision to distinguish between people and objects in video.

Sighthound’s powerful yet easy-to-use software turns webcams and IP cameras into intelligent home video security systems without being locked in to a particular brand of camera or vendor DVR costs. In addition to giving users full control over their videos, Sighthound Video has the ability to detect and differentiate humans from animals or other objects and greatly reduce the number of false positives and unnecessary alerts sent to users.

Sighthound Video 2.3 has three versions - Starter, Basic and Pro. The Starter version, with lower resolution for one camera, is free. The Basic and Pro editions, which add HD video, multiple cameras, remote access, export to the cloud, custom scripts and more, are $60 and $250 respectively, including 12 months of software support and major version upgrades.

New for version 2.3:

  • Improved video playback quality in Monitor View and Search View

  • Live video window in Monitor View is resizeable

  • Additional email response options for image attachment resolution and rate limiting

  • Added date and time format settings

  • Native webcam resolutions now shown in Windows as in OSX

  • Reduced minimum app size for small displays

  • New Search View layout with more space for video

  • Daily timeline can now be hidden

  • Added menu shortcuts for playback speed selection

  • Removed all external dependencies on remote access web player

  • App signature compatible with upcoming OSX releases (10.9.5 and 10.10).

New Cameras Added

  • ACTi E77

  • Alibi ALI-IPU3013R

  • Canon VB-H41, VB-H610VE, VB-H610D, VB-H710F, VB-M40, VB-M600D, VB-M600VE, VB-S30D, VB-S31D, VB-S800D, VB-S900F

Sighthound Video 2.3 is available for download from today by visiting

About Sighthound

Sighthound makes sense of movement through our world. By combining computer vision and artificial intelligence Sighthound Video is redefining video surveillance for homes and businesses.

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