Sighthound Launches New Cloud Based Redaction Solution

August 15, 2022, Orlando, Florida – Sighthound has announced the launch of its new cloud-based version of Redactor, the fastest, most accurate, intuitive and easy video redaction application available today. 

As the industry leader in video redaction, Sighthound continues to develop user-friendly and accurate redaction technology. The company’s commitment to using the most recent advancements in computer vision allows clients to spend less time redacting and more time running their businesses.

Sighthound Redactor is a proven solution, with over 1,300 clients already utilizing the desktop version or self-hosted solutions. Compliance with privacy rules such as GDPR, FOIA, and CCPA is frequently cited as the "why" behind a customer's request to redact. Customers in industries ranging from law enforcement to legal, healthcare, retail, education, and transportation have diverse "what" and "where" requirements.

With the latest cloud offering, customers can eliminate software installation headaches and lengthy projects requiring IT team resources. Organizations can redact one to thousands of videos in a secure and private instance that is ready with only a few clicks.  

"We've taken the power of Sighthound Redactor's widely adopted on-premise solution and made it available to customers with ad hoc redaction needs. It is now easier than ever with Sighthound Redactor Cloud. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase, and no long-term commitments. Video redaction shouldn't become their business; it's ours," says Brent Richardson, VP of Redactor Engineering at Sighthound.

While there may be many video redaction software tools available, organizations need to make sure their solution is easy to use and minimizes the investment of time redacting. Sighthound Redactor users are rarely technical and are up and running quickly while taking advantage of the automated features offered and the ability to do additional manual editing. The accessibility of the videos in the cloud makes it easy to see and execute your video management strategy.

Steve Guerra, VP of Business Development at Sighthound, said, "While we offer personalized solutions for redacting videos in bulk, we have many customers who need a solution for a few videos that fits their budget and can be accessed fast. With our new month-to-month plans, we can get customers redacting in a day." 

Redactor Cloud is a testament to Sighthound’s culture of “customer obsession”. Our customers have been asking for a more flexible and accessible redaction solution option and now it is here.  As laws and regulations that require redaction continue to spread across states and countries, we enable our customers to remain compliant and avoid the risk of fines.

Check out Sighthound Redactor to learn more about video redaction and how to start redacting today.


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