Sighthound launches Sighthound Cloud computer vision API for developers

Industry leading computer vision engine made available in cloud service with simple REST API interface.

Menlo Park, California - July 22, 2015 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced the release of Sighthound Cloud, a service that enables software developers to detect and classify people and faces in still images by means of a simple REST API call.

In tests against publicly available databases, Sighthound Cloud proved more accurate than other leading cloud services in detecting faces, and in addition can find people whether or not faces are visible.

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Sighthound Cloud is free to developers and will be updated on an ongoing basis to broaden the scope of its computer vision functionality. Those deploying the Sighthound Cloud APIs to their commercial applications have a range of pricing plans available to them, starting at $49 per month.

Sighthound Cloud is the latest product offering in the field of computer vision from Sighthound, following the successful launch of the Sighthound Sentry embedded computer vision pipeline for OEMs earlier this year. Both Sentry and Cloud use the Sighthound convolutional cascade classifier (C3) computer vision engine to offer high performance, real time analysis of video frames and still images. Sighthound also markets Sighthound Video, an on premise video security application which uses a computer vision engine to distinguish between people and other forms of movement for home and business surveillance.

Developers can find the Sighthound Cloud demo, code samples and documentation at Users who already have a Sighthound Account will be able to access the Cloud APIs from their accounts from today.

About Sighthound

Sighthound makes sense of movement through our world. By combining computer vision and artificial intelligence Sighthound is redefining real time video analysis for developers, OEMs, homeowners and businesses.

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