Sighthound launches AI Surveillance Appliance

Plug and play small form factor PC with Sighthound Video artificial intelligence surveillance software pre-installed

Palo Alto, California - March 15, 2017 - Sighthound, Inc. today announced that its state-of-the-art surveillance software for homes and businesses is now available as part of a plug and play appliance. Sighthound has partnered with Intel® to create a unique offering that ships Sighthound’s advanced computer vision artificial intelligence software on the Intel® NUC.

Sighthound Video uses artificial intelligence to monitor a home or business and look for people. The software minimizes false alerts caused by events that would otherwise fool conventional motion-based detection software.

“The Intel NUC was a clear choice for the Sighthound Video Appliance given its superior performance, small form factor, configurability options, and affordability,” said Stephen Neish, CEO of Sighthound. “While we’re now on the fourth generation of Sighthound Video downloadable software for those who wish to configure their own system, the new appliance will suit customers who want a pre-configured system that works on start up.”

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The Sighthound Video Appliance adds to the Sighthound product range which includes Sighthound Sentry, the computer vision engine used by OEMs to add intelligence to their products, and Sighthound Cloud, a set of computer vision APIs for developers.

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