Sighthound VISI

Sighthound VISI uses computer vision technology to find people in your Facebook videos. You can then share a FaceGrid so your friends will know who is in the video without watching it.

Try the demo:

  • Select one of the videos below & click the Play button.
  • You will see faces of the people in the video pop up as thumbnails as it plays.
  • You can then either share this demo or try Sighthound VISI on your own Facebook videos.
  • Note: Sighthound VISI is not designed to run on a mobile device. To get the full experience, try it from your computer.
  • Select one of the video thumbnail images below.
  • You will see the people detected in the video displayed.
  • You can then share this demo now or try Sighthound VISI on your own Facebook videos when you return to a computer.

Ellen's Oscars Selfie

Train Station

Stock Market

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VISI found these people...

... and created a FaceGrid.

About Sighthound Labs

Computer Vision’s time has come. Sighthound Labs employs the best PhDs to bring the best in computer vision into commercial products. From innovations that make home video security more accurate and useful than ever before, to face detection, face recognition, counting and visual search, our role is to extract data from video in a way that makes it easy for software engineers to harness computer vision.