Know what's happening outside. From inside.

Know when people approach your property from the safety of your bedroom. Or from your hotel room.

Easy Set Up

Find your camera and install in seconds

When you download Sighthound you’ll find that it’s probably easier to set up Sighthound’s advanced human detection software than the viewing software that came with your cameras. After install, Sighthound will auto-detect any IP cameras connected to your network and begin running the video feed through the Sighthound software. If your camera isn’t among the thousands of pre-configured choices, you can add it manually in a minute.

Watch a quick video to see how it's done.

Simple Search

Search days of videos in seconds

Key to Sighthound is its powerful search capability. Use a rules editor to tell the software what to look for. If something was stolen from the office, tell Sighthound to look  for people in a certain room, or leaving through a certain doorway on a certain day, and get only those clips that match your search. It makes needle in a haystack searches easy and can save you hours, if not days. Even if you didn’t have that doorway set up as a proactive alert you can still retroactively tell the software to search any video feeds you have stored.

Watch a quick video to see how it's done.

Real Time Alerts

Take control and receive custom notifications

Most other video security software is useless when it comes to alerts. Because many things can trigger motion detection, having alerts sent to a smart phone can lead to you being spammed by hundreds of photos of your cat. Sighthound works differently. It analyzes the video stream to look for human beings, so alerts become much more meaningful. You can sit in bed with an iPad and be alerted if a person is approaching your property, click on a thumbnail image and watch the live video feed. Or you can have your phone ping you on vacation if a person is in your home.

Watch a quick video to see how it's done.