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People Detection.
Not just motion detection.

Sighthound Video is surveillance software for homes and businesses that has been trained to monitor and recognize people and objects in the same way that a human brain works. Learn more

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Free Starter Edition includes 14 day Pro trial

Experience Pro features for free - Multi-Cam + HD video, remote access, and more!

Get Smarter Surveillance.

Sighthound Video monitors video feeds in order to distinguish humans from animals and objects. Learn more

Most other software, which uses motion detection, watches pixels change from light to dark -- it has no idea what it saw.

Install Sighthound in Minutes!

Sighthound Video is compatible with most IP cameras and webcams. Simply download the software on your desktop computer and follow the on-screen steps to setup your cameras. You can also download the optional mobile app to view Sighthound Video remotely.

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Find an IP camera or webcam

Supported Cameras

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Download the software on computer

System Requirements

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Optional: Download App

Remote Access

Mobile Apps Now Available in the App Stores!

Once you have installed Sighthound at home or work, get the mobile apps to keep Sighthound at your fingertips.

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Software Updates
Version 2.2 - June 24, 2014
  • Easier license installation and management with Sighthound accounts
  • Free Pro Trial for all Starter Edition users
  • GUI improvements including easier reviewing of HD camera clips
  • Multiple clip export
  • Improved OSX webcam handling including support for new FaceTime HD cameras
Camera Updates
  • Android apps IP Webcam and Ocular
  • Asgari 720U, EZPT, PTG2, and UIR
  • Dericam M801W
  • D-Link DCS-7010L
  • IPS EO1312VW
  • Neo CoolCAM NIP-06
  • OpenEye CM-715
  • Polaroid IP302
  • Wirepath WPS-750-DOM-IP
  • Zmodo ZP-IBH13-W and ZH-IXC15-WC

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App ben fatta. Funziona molto bene come anche il programma sul mio Mac. Sarebbe bello poter poter inoltrare i filmati direttamente dal iPhone

- Eventi

When I first discovered VitaminD IP camera management software I knew it was something different from the rest. The people detection and rules-based reporting were great but there were several gaps in features. I was delighted to find out recently that Sighthound had acquired the software. The new server version adds multiple features including remote access. The release of the companion app makes a perfect addition and is very polished for a first version. Strongly recommended.

- M.B.