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Sighthound Traffic Safety Solutions

Transportation agencies are challenged with protecting pedestrians who are competing for space with vehicles. Our future-proof, traffic-sensing solutions are designed to reduce accidents and deaths with more actionable operations, planning, and engineering data.


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Reduce risk with
proven technology

Real time safety countermeasures with AI edge computing

Smart cameras become virtual IoT sensors, processing data on the edge for ultra low latency

Powerful AI insights simulate human observation and decision making

Advanced video analytics deployed on the edge at the image source

Save lives with instant risk detection

Optimize signal systems, and generate insights to improve transportation planning decisions

Protect pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle drivers and to optimize traffic flows in real-time

Near miss detection, touchless crosswalks, midblock crossings, automated and continuous turn movement counts

Unmatched Detection Accuracy for intersection tuning

95%+ Detection accuracy matters where bandwidth availability is limited

Perform real-time detection, notification, and actuation.

Hyperlocalization helps fine tune intersections in a scalable, cost-effective way

Save millions compared to other sensor solutions

What if you could replace $100,000 loop system for $25,000 and get data 10x more accurate

What if you could make a crosswalk safe for $30,000 vs. $1,200,000

What if you could get ACTUAL travel times for $50,000 vs. AVERAGE traffic times for $350,000

Measure the safety outcomes of your
traffic engineering investments





estimated savings


accidents avoided



Lives saved


travel time saved per city


Today’s technology for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our world-leading technology is made in the USA and performs in all weather conditions to manage road safety operations in support of Smart City and Vision Zero initiatives.

We replace tedious, dangerous, and subjective visual tasks such as counting, sorting, and observational reporting.

  • Software defined hardware, scalable & serviceable

  • Continuous, configurable, secure and automated

  • Improve planning & operational decisions

  • Secure and privacy-by-design


A single, proven solution ready out of the box.

We provide the first general-purpose visual computing platform, which delivers AI flexibility for any environment with high accuracy, reduced costs, over the air updates and retraining, and privacy-by-design.

Or add a node to work within your existing infrastructure

We also have node devices to utilize your existing infrastructure. We are hardware agnostic and we take a flexible, customer-centric approach, adapting to your needs.


Integrate insights and actionable data into your traffic system

  • Cloud-based software platform for aggregating, analyzing and visualizing data

  • Securely connect directly into intelligent transportation and traffic signal systems like NTCIP

  • Continuous, configurable, secure and automated data collection without in-roadway sensors

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