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My camera is on but not recording

Aug 25, 2014

In the Monitor view, “On” means that Sighthound Video will record video from that camera if:

  • The rule is enabled (the check box next to the rule is selected)
  • rule is scheduled to run. By default, all rules run 24 hours per day, but you can set a rule to run at certain times (which is described here).

Off” means that video from this camera will not record, regardless of whether the rule is scheduled to run.

Whether or not the application window is open doesn’t affect the recording rules. If you exit the application with a camera On, video will record whenever enabled rules are scheduled to run.

Examples of On states:

The camera is turned On, but disabled. It will not record at any time:

camera on but disabled

Camera is On but not scheduled to run at the current time (e.g., if it is currently 5 PM, the camera will turn on at 11 PM):

camera on but not scheduled

Camera is Off, and the rule has a schedule associated with it (in the example below, this camera will not turn on at 8 PM when the rule is scheduled to start):

camera off and scheduled