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Computer vision SDK for companies that want to add vision intelligence to their public safety and law enforcement products.

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Public Safety in Mind

Sighthound’s Public Safety SDK builds on the raw power of Sighthound Sentry SDK by adding configuration options for the most popular public safety use cases, leading to faster implementations. Combinations of modules can be turned on or off to suit the specific use case of the product being developed.

Vehicle Detection & Recognition

Detect vehicles from static or moving cameras, and return the make, model and color of any vehicle sold from 1991 onwards.

Person & Face Detection

Find and track humans as they pass through a scene, find their faces and keep track of the best shot of the face during the scene.

Face Recognition

Improve safety by verifying people are who they say they are. Match attendees to pre-trained galleries for attendance and authentication programs.

License Plate Recognition

Read plates from most countries in the world, reporting the alphanumeric characters and for the US, Canada and the major EU countries, the issuing jurisdiction.

Vehicle Type Identification

Distinguish between buses, trucks, passenger vehicles, and certain corporate fleets, such as UPS, Fedex and USPS delivery vehicles.


Remove personally identifiable information automatically from video feeds or files. Finds faces, license plates and allows other data to be edited out manually.


The flexibility to deploy in the cloud, on servers or on low-powered board for vehicles or drones. Runs on Linux or Windows. Required hardware specifications depend on use case, camera resolution and frames per second analyzed.

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