It's easy to deploy Sighthound’s computer vision software for your business.

Sighthound builds versatile, deeply learned computer vision software designed primarily for partners looking to increase the value of their own products or services. Our software uses state-of-the-art computer vision to interpret video streams or images from cameras or files, and can be deployed on embedded devices, mobile devices, desktop or notebook computers, premise servers, or in the cloud.

Sighthound has been deployed by customers in a myriad of use cases. There are a wide range of modules, from detection and classification, through tracking, to clustering and recognition. For the most common use cases, such as find a person, find a vehicle, or read the license plate, we have gathered the Sighthound modules into suites. We can deliver pre-configured files to have you up and running quickly.

So whether you are looking to provide amber alerts using vehicle recognition from highway cameras, or facial recognition for mobile authentications, or age and gender analysis for intelligent digital signage, we have the capabilities you need.

Sighthound also offers custom suites whereby any of the modules can be combined to create a solution perfectly tailored for your specific business use. See the product page for a list of all modules/capabilities available or click on a suite to the right to explore our solution capabilities.

If you’re looking to add computer vision intelligence to your product offering, Sighthound can make it quick and easy. We can help you integrate computer vision - or build complete solutions for you. Just let us know below how we can help.

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Sighthound makes it easy to add state-of-the-art computer vision software to your products and services. Contact us today with any questions you may have.