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Here are a few videos to get you through the steps necessary for a successful install and trial, Please feel free to hit up support if you get stuck.

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Setup & Installation

Sighthound Video is compatible with most IP cameras and webcams. Download the free video surveillance software on your desktop computer and follow the on-screen steps to install.

Rule Editor

The Rule Editor defines a specific type of event to find in previously recorded video, or to take action (e.g., save, notify, or play a sound) if events like it are seen in the future. With the rule editor, customize the video source, what gets analyzed, zones, and the types of alerts you’ll receive.

Mobile Alerts

Sighthound uses computer vision to analyze your video stream to look for people, vehicles and animals, so alerts become much more meaningful. One of the main reasons customers buy Sighthound Video is to cut down on false alerts. The software adds a new level of intelligence to IP camera security software.

Simple Search

Sighthound Video security software has powerful search capability. Sighthound can analyze clips, retrieving ones that match only your search. Think of it as the Google search for your home security software.

Quick overview of Sighthound 6 features

Check out all the cool new features and enhancements in Version 6!