Frequently Asked Questions


Does Sighthound Video work with IP cameras that are not on the pre-configured list?

Yes, most of the time. Select “Other IP Camera” from the drop down and enter the IP stream info, usually found in the camera manual (more details here). A few cameras only stream to their own cloud services and cannot be used with third party software.

Sighthound is showing me three IP addresses in the Remote Access set up tab. Which one do I use?

Use localhost to run a web browser on the same machine as the software, Internal IP address to run a smart device or web browser on the same wi-fi network as the computer and cameras, and External IP Address to view your system while away from your own wi-fi network, such as on a cellphone, from a hotel, or from work.

Does Sighthound Video have audio?

Yes, Sighthound Video versions 4.0 and higher support audio.

Does my home video go to your cloud servers?

No. Our Cloud service is a developer API and has no connection to Sighthound Video which runs on your computer.

Why doesn't the Sighthound software see the license I just purchased?

You must log into the Sighthound application with the same user ID and password you use for the Sighthound account you used to buy the license. Otherwise the desktop application doesn't know you purchased a license. To fix, go to Help -> Show License Information in the application, right click on the dog logo and select 'Disconnect my account'. Close the program and log back in using your Sighthound account credentials.

Will it work on my computer?

Sighthound works on Mac OS 10.10 and later, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

What does the free version have?

Low resolution, one camera, local storage.

Did you write all this yourself?

Thanks for asking – we have some others we’d like to credit. Take a look at this page, which includes open source credits.

I paid with a Paypal eCheck and didn’t get my license yet.

Paypal doesn’t release eCheck payments to merchants for about a week. Please use a credit card or funds in your Paypal account for an immediate purchase.

Will my Vitamin D license work with Sighthound Video?

No, you will need to purchase a Sighthound Video license to run the Basic or Pro versions of Sighthound Video.

Can individuals buy Sighthound Sentry?

No. Sighthound Sentry is licensed to OEM manufacturers for them to integrate into their products and services. Home and business owners can download and use Sighthound Video.

Do Sighthound Video licenses expire?

No. Licenses are forever. Support expires after 12 months, but you have the option to renew to get free upgrades and tech help.

If I have a Basic License and want to upgrade to a Pro version, can I get a credit for the price I paid for the Basic version?

Yes. Select the license in the application or on the web store and the price will automatically be reduced to $190.

Will it work with my camera?

Sighthound works on any IP camera or webcam with an accessible video feed. This means most cameras – here’s a list.

Does it work at night?

Yes, if you have an IR camera that can capture images at night.

What if I buy it and am not happy?

The first step is downloading and trying the free version. Make sure it does what it says on the tin. If you have trouble check out the Support page, the Reference Guide, and if you’ve paid for Support e-mail us. If we can’t get it working for you within 30 days of your purchase we’ll give your money back.

How do I set up remote access?

It should take under a minute. Look under Options and select the Remote Access tab. See this article for details.

Can I use multiple USB webcams, as opposed to IP cameras?

The Sighthound Video Pro license runs multiple cameras. However the USB controllers of many computers cannot handle the load of video streaming from multiple webcams. Once you want multiple cameras, consider using IP cameras instead of USB cams.

Does Sighthound Video support ONVIF?

Yes. Sighthound supports the detection and configuration of ONVIF compatible cameras. Read more about Sighthound and ONVIF.

I own SV 3.x. Do I need to pay again for SV 4.0?

No. If your support subscription is current you can upgrade at no charge. Even if your support has expired, you can pay to bring it up to date, which should cost much less.

Is the human detection 100% accurate?

No. Computer vision is not perfect, and most of the time the human eye and brain are better at determining what is being seen than a camera and software are. However, computer vision is better than simple motion detectors, which have no means of knowing what caused the motion.

Why would I upgrade to the Basic or Pro versions?

More cameras, HD video, additional responses, and a 12 month subscription to major version upgrades and e-mail support.

How much disk space do I need?

There is no quick answer to that, as it depends on resolution settings on your cameras and how many cameras you are running. Figure you need 50GB of disk space to start, and then look at this page for hardware requirements.

How do I access the Sighthound cloud developer API?

Sign up for a Sighthound Account and add an API token.