Detecting Cameras Just Got Easier

Sighthound Video now supports the ONVIF specification that allows for easy detection and configuration of compatible cameras.

ONVIF Easy Camera Setup For Sighthound Video

Sighthound Video has always provided an easy way to discover IP cameras and webcams on your network. For hundreds of the  most popular cameras, the stream settings are pre-populated and the cameras appear in a drop down menu. For cameras not on the pre-populated list, the stream settings for the camera could be added.

With the addition of support for ONVIF discovery of cameras, Sighthound Video now automatically populates the stream settings for ONVIF-compatible cameras.

The ONVIF set of standards most applicable to Sighthound Video is Profile S. Sighthound does not claim to conform to the entirety of Profile S, primarily because Sighthound does not provide the means to modify video encoder configurations. There are also certain optional features in Profile S which Sighthound does not support, such as PTZ controls and audio recording. However, for those trying to connect new or lesser known cameras to Sighthound Video, the support for ONVIF should make set up even easier.