Saving motion detected footage...I'm confused

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Saving motion detected footage...I'm confused

by the1lemming » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:36 am

I am very confused by the process of how Vitamin D saves Motion Detected events in general on the computer.

At the moment my DVR computer (Windows 7) has a single 1Tb hard drive partitioned into two volumes. I have a single, waterproof external analogue video, CCTV camera connected to the computer via a USB which converts video signals to digital for storage on a hard drive. The computer itself DOES NOT have a keyboard, mouse or monitor attached to it. I connect to the computer via remote viewing software on another computer which is on my internal network at home. I use Team Viewer to control the dedicated DVR computer.

The DVR computer has only one hard drive which has been partitioned. The first volume of the partition is 80Gb and only has the operating system and Vitamin D software. I do not store any other data onto this partition.

The second volume of the hard drive is 851Gb in size and all my Vitamin D footage is stored here. The computer operating system (Windows 7) sees this as two separate hard drives and calls them 'C' drive and 'D' drive

At the moment I think that I have the software saving all video clips to the 'D' drive. I am using the standard rule to record any object to the 'D' drive. I think that I have set up a rule to record only people moving about which are bigger than 30 pixels and this information is also stored on the 'D' drive.

My problem, and this is where I am confused, is that the 'D' drive has a continuous stream of video footage from the last four days totalling 42Gb.

I can not find anywhere on the 'D' drive which has the specific events of people or cars moving about. Does Vitamin D only record a continuous stream of footage and then give you the ability to flick through to the movement captured moments?

I have found a feature where I can export a specific motion detection event and store this separately with a file name of my choice. However I can not find a way to bulk export the motion detection moments.

Does Vitamin D not save any of the motion detection events but only allows me to view them and then it is up to me to individually export these motion detected events?

Very long story but short version, does Vitamin D only record a continuous feed of footage and then it is up to me to trawl through the motion detected events and manually choose to save them in a seperate location, away from the continuous data feed from the CCTV camera?


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Re: Saving motion detected footage...I'm confused

by ryan » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:24 pm


Vitamin D will save ALL video for a short period of time. This is useful for instance if you know something happened but you didn't have a rule configured for that scenario. After that period of time however, all video that did not have a corresponding rule marking the video to be saved will be deleted, while the tagged clips will be separated and retained.

This article provides more detail: ... tions.html

Hope that helps, let us know if you have more questions.
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