Do I need a newer MAC??

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Do I need a newer MAC??

by JesseS » Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:20 pm

Hello All, I have been running SHV for two years and decided to add more cameras. I am running SHV 6 on a dedicated iMAC 2.4Ghz quad core i5 with plenty of memory, only software on the system running. When I added the 8th camera (all 1080p) I started getting video drop outs on differnt cameras, video would drop out then reconnect. I am thinking the video card just can't keep up, it is a AMD Radon HD6750M and only has 512 MB memory. I checked CPU usage and it is pretty much maxed out as well, this is a really process intensive program. Don't know if I should switch to a gaming PC with a high end CPU & GPU (cheaper but the fans drive me nuts) or another MAC..... any thoughts?

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Re: Do I need a newer MAC??

by Semper Vaporo » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:00 am

A new, more powerful computer is almost always a good idea. But SH is not using as much of a video card as one might think. Most of the processing is done with the CPU. The Video card is better for handling the calculations required for computer generated "object" (such as the mouse arrow or animations of menus opening, or space aliens dropping down from the top, etc.) than raw "real, live" video (such as video from cameras where the task is to detect "significant" changes in the scene from one frame to the next).

As for the CPU; the more "Cores" (individual computers on the main "chip") the better (a quad-core is better than a dual-core) and multi-threading is a close second for being able to run more processes at the same time.

In SH, there are individual processes running simultaneously for each camera as well as other processes for handling all the other tasks that SH needs to run at the same time as the cameras are being watched for motion... as well as all the tasks that the operating system needs to do in the background (such as, playing traffic cop for the input from the keyboard and mouse, to send that data to the processes that need to know if a key has been pressed or where the mouse arrow is, and continuously noting the time of day and whether something needs to run based on the time, handling disk reads and writes requested by other processes, updating the video card to new info to be displayed, all that stuff (and more) that doesn't "just happen", the Operating System has to make it happen and be ready to handle all the requests that other processes are telling it to do). (Can you say, 'run on sentence'? Sorry! But just think of all the stuff that is happening inside that little box, even when you are day dreaming about lunch... the OS is busy, busy, busy all the time. I am always amazed at how fast stuff gets done.)

I think the main bottleneck for SightHound is disk speed; a higher RPM disk is better (5400 RPM is a slow drive these days!), a Solid State Drive will be faster than a standard rotation platter type disk, a drive with a large cache is better.

More RAM (memory) in the computer is better so that all the processes vying for space do not have to be swapped out to disk to make room for other processes that need to run, and then get read back from the disk to continue executing their own tasks.
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