Notification Modes

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Notification Modes

by fraschizzato » Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:56 pm

Is possible to add the ability to enable/disable the notification via app? Example: The software is always running but the notification to the app are sendend only when enabled (the alerts are received when "not at home") Ideally: the ability to enable/disable notification via app/iftt/webhook. Best if separed in "zones". Maybe a rule to enable/disable globally more rules. Example: A rule that enables/disables the single rule of certain cameras.
The idea is to make the alerts work like an alarm system, with the ability to enable/disable notification by zones. Example: when i'm at home i can "switch on" the notification of the outside cameras, when i'm away "switch on" all the notification and when i'm outside only some cameras.

Alternatively, a way to store snapshot and/or send them via webhook (The file or the filename) to implement the above function with third party software (I think that it can be made easily within home assistant via appdaemon)

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