Room for improvement (I hope the SH staff reads this)

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Room for improvement (I hope the SH staff reads this)

by mr.Magoo » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:21 am


I've been using SH for about 8 months now and overall it's a great product. Motion detection in general is superior to anything I've tried and the footprint it relatively small compared to some.

Now, that said... there's always room for improvements...

1. Scaling / References
Not all cameras are created equal, same focal length, resolution, mounting position etc.
The attached screenshot shows the shadow of a cars headlights being detected as a person... it's almost half the image on a 10MP camera. You have the truck, a 7-8 foot lightpost and an old oak tree as reference (not for detection, just meant as a visual).
It would be fantastic if you could set up parameters / ranges for each camera and object, or draw a box, that represent the average size of the object you're looking for. i.e. a person is this big, a car that size, etc.

2. Areas to ignore
I really hate (and I rarely use that word) the fact that the clip view gets cluttered with events you never "signed up for", I really don't care that there was 539 cars driving by yesterday, if I did it would be easy for me to set up a rule to track that.

3. Multiple detection areas
While there's somewhat of a way around this, it still would be nice if you could set up multiple areas in the same rule / event.

4. Improved timeline viewing
It's a royal pain in the butt to view recordings that isn't a clip and/or the recording prior/after a certain clip since the timeline is only for that clip.
It would be nice if you could scale the main timeline (00 ... 24:00) by simply click-drag over the time you're interested in and that now becomes your main timeline on the blue line.

It would also be nice if you could view all cameras at the same time (look at how Acti's NVR3 handles that)
when reviewing recordings.

5. PTZ support - No need for explanation really, but I think it should be included and with that you'll need the ability of switching profiles / rules based on events.

Many Thanks !

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Re: Room for improvement (I hope the SH staff reads this)

by SteveV » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:13 pm

Absolutely agree with all of these. The current attitude seems to be "we do good motion detection--we don't need to do anything more than that". SH could be so much more than it currently is.

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