Auto Update Public IP In MobileApp + Big Picture Notifs

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Auto Update Public IP In MobileApp + Big Picture Notifs

by » Sat Dec 14, 2019 1:53 pm

I've been testing this software for a while now and it's incredibly limited when compared to other apps - In particular TinyCamPro which basically does everything SH does and more, and it's free.

One thing in particular that seems quite remiss is the fact that, if your public IP changes, you can't get into the app.

Most people I imagine won't have static IPs allocated by their ISPs, but it's a fairly trivial task to simply check if the public IP has changed whenever you connect to your home WIFI. You could then easily update the IP in the mobile app.

Also, implementing Big Picture notifications in Android would be a good feature too to save opening the app each time you want to check for false alerts. Again, a simple and trivial task.

Finally, the app is incredibly unstable - You tap a clip, it fails to load and takes you back to the home screen so you have to go back into clips and find the one you want to view. It's a terrible user experience and could be improved.

Are any of these planned?


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Re: Auto Update Public IP In MobileApp + Big Picture Notifs

by jimbo » Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:59 pm

I don't need the changing IP, I use a DYNDNS service so my hostname is always updated.

I would really like pictures to be included in the App Notifications, very useful.

I've submitted a report about clips failing to load and they are hopefully looking into it. If you change the remote clip video quality to medium in the Tools -> Options -> Remote -> Advanced it works more often, but has a delay.

I would also like pinch to zoom when playing videos in the App, I don't mean zoom the camera, just enlarge the playing video, Blue Iris does this very well.

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